The Finding Fertility Formula

$499.00 USD

Improve Your Egg Quality & Increase Your Chances of Getting & Staying Pregnant!

  • 10-Week Functional Fertility Program
  • Maximise Your Embryo Quality & Hormonal Health
  • 4-week Meal Plan to Help Boost Your Egg & Sperm Quality! 30+ Easy Fertility Nourishing Recipes

  • Discover Foods that May Be Impacting Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

  • Easy-to-implement Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Natural Fertility

  • Understand How Your "Normal" Health Issues Can Be Contributing to Your Infertility
  • Support Your Mindset & Discover How to Manage Your Stress to Improve Your Fertility
  • Access to "The Community" for personal coaching from Monica Cox FDN-P
  • Monthly Group Functional Fertility Coaching
  • Private Instagram Community with Live Q&As
  • Exclusive Access to Functional Testing including Food Sensitivity [MRT Leap 170], Hormone Health [DUTCH] and Gut Health [BiomeFX] WITHOUT Paying Thousands in Personal Coaching Fees.
  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet & Phone App Access to the Fertility Formula and Private Community
  • Cancel at Any Time*

Woman Who Found Their Fertility:

“Finding Fertility has explained the steps I need to take, better than other people have explained things in the past. Understanding why you should make a change plays a big role in making the change (rather than just being told to change). Thank You!”

Stephanie IVF Warrior

“Finding Fertility gave me a much-needed nudge to make some serious lifestyle changes. I’m going to carry those tools with me throughout this pregnancy and into motherhood.”

Lindsey - Miscarriage Survivor

“I got a positive pregnancy test!! The Fertility Formula pushed me to the understanding that whatever happens in my body starts in my mind. I kept hearing you in my head “You don’t have to be perfect to get pregnant!”

Osher - Secondary Infertility Survivor

“It’s comforting to not feel alone and hopeful to think this may help me meet my babies sooner.”

Sandy - Mama to be!

“Finding Fertility has been a huge game-changer for me.”

Chelsea - IVF Mama Bear

“No more loose stools in the morning — I can hardly believe it! My digestion is 80% improved and my body is getting used to all the veg!”

Heather - Unexplained Infertility Survivor

“I never expected to see results so fast!”

Faye - 40+ Mama to BE!

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Add on the Baby & Me Journal to track your progress.

The Ultimate Fertility Mindfulness Journal, that can be used for all different types of journeys to parenthood.

Throughout your journal, you’re going to answer over 70 prompts & question, to get you to achieve goals, improve your mental wellbeing, creating new habits in both your diet and life.