How to Increase Your Fertility by Being Your Own Advocate IN & OUT of the IVF Clinic

Episode #167

💚 On Tuesdays, I'm bringing back some of the first podcast I recorded. They are raw and not newly edited, so you will hear the podcast being called Infertile Diagnosis. But don't worry, you're still getting top quality content and the support you need 💚

How to Increase Your Fertility by Being Your Own Advocate IN & OUT of the IVF Clinic

Welcome to the FIRST episode of The Fertility Connection Talk Show!

I've brought together a few inspiring women from around the world to talk about all things linked to fertility & inspire you to take control of your fertility journey. We're meeting once a month here on the Infertile Diagnosis. 

A month or so ago, I posted on IG: "We'll Wait Until You Have Three Miscarriages." Should say no Doctor ever. The more I talk with you all, the more I hear this, and it's messed up. I know miscarriages are apart of life & they will happen to the best of us, but to tell a couple that they'll have to wait to have three miscarriages before they test for ___________ (fill in the blank)! Duck this 🦆. I want to to start empowering yourself and stand up to anyone who tells you this. Remember- it's your body, it's your money, it's your heartache, it's your life!

There’s probably not many of us out there who haven’t dealt with infertility & walked out of the doctor's office and thought “WTF just happened.” I know there’s been far too many times during my infertility journey that I became a deer in the headlights and just listened to the doctor or “fertility specialist” and did what they thought was best for me. Maybe that’s why I had a nine-year infertility journey. But I know I’m not alone & that’s why I wanted this subject to be our first topic of conversation on The Fertility Reconnect Talk Show. 


00:48 Devon from The Fertility Finance Coach 

1:01 Sarah from Fab Fertile

1:17 Emma from Emma Brodzinski 

1:35 Robyn from Robyn Birkin

2:00 Who we are and why we thought we’d start a talk show

2:42 When your doctor andor other fertility specialist isn’t listening and helping 

3:24 Devon’s story about being told she’ll need to have three miscarriages before they do any more investigation 

5:55 Robyn’s story about not having mental and emotional support during her journey & becoming her own advocate 

9:45 Infertility - Life or Death - Where is our support?

11:57 How do I get my support team together to support all aspects of infertility

13:12 Sarah’s story how she excepted her POF Diagnosis & why we get intimated in the doctor's office

17:20 Getting your team together & how to do it

20:00 Helping you to help yourself

26:31 Why not dealing with your own Bullsh*t (that has nothing to do with infertility) is having a negative impact on your journey

34:45 Dealing with emotion and mental health before your children become into this world

36:49 How Emma used her fertility journey to empower herself 

Top Tip to be your own advocate:

43:43 Devon

44:18 Sarah

44:51 Emma

45:45 Robyn 

46:30 Monica

Let's Do This Together 💚


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