Coping with Unexplained Infertility: Interview with Jewelle, The Fertility Life Coach

Episode #154

In this episode of Finding Fertility, Monica is joined by Jewelle of Simply Jewelle Fertility Coaching and The Fertility Life Coach blog and podcast. Jewelle shares her infertility journey, her experience as Monica’s client, and her work as a personal life coach.

Jewelle’s journey included identifying the source of her leaky gut and IBS issues. Those led her to the Whole30 and Paleo diets. Next came hormone testing and trying to get pregnant. When it did not happen right away, she found herself asking, “Why isn’t it happening for me?”

After questioning whether it was endometriosis, Jewelle chose to pull out the big gun of IVF. She also began working with Monica. The emotional part of the journey revealed how mental and emotional traumas manifest in the body.

In their interview, Monica and Jewelle discuss these additional topics:

  • The increase in fertility issues as a modern new norm
  • Epigenetics as valid science
  • How to break the generational cycle
  • How stress levels are linked to fertility issues

With the pressures of parenthood and childcare come the pitfalls of expectations. However, it is crucial to remember that failure is not the end. Give your body time to heal and do not lose hope.

Join Monica and Jewelle as they discuss all things infertility, IVF, gut health, and much more.

Discussion Highlights

  • (1:07) Interview with Jewelle, The Fertility Life Coach
  • (1:58) Jewelle’s pain and infertility journey
  • (3:30) Leaky gut, IBS, Whole30, Paleo
  • (4:55) Hormone testing
  • (6:33) Trying to get pregnant
  • (9:00) Why isn’t it happening for me?
  • (10:00) Is it endometriosis?
  • (11:36) Pulling out the big gun of IVF
  • (12:33) Working with Monica
  • (14:51) The emotional part of the journey
  • (16:07) Mental and emotional trauma manifesting in the body
  • (16:55) Fertility issues as a modern new norm
  • (19:35) Epigenetics as valid science
  • (20:17) Breaking the generational cycle
  • (25:08) Stress levels linked to fertility issues
  • (29:48) The pressures of parenthood and childcare
  • (31:33) The pitfalls of expectations
  • (33:56) Failure is not the end
  • (37:50) Giving your body time to heal
  • (41:00) Supplements as crutches
  • (43:00) Judge your neighbor worksheet

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