Why is it so important who is in your life?  Well, according to articles in the Huffington Post and Psychology Today, you can accurately predict where you'll be in life 5 years from now, simply by the company you keep and who you do life with.  The people you spend time with have a major influence on how you feel, think and behave! (Anyone else hear their mother’s voice in their head from when they were a teenager.  Well shoot… mom was right again!)

So how does this apply to couples in life and infertility?... A LOT...

You have the power of choice, to choose the WHO's on your journey with you.  They will have a major influence on how you feel, what you think and what you do on the journey towards growing your family!

Here are the 4 major WHO's for your Fertility Journey:

1. Your Spouse! First of all, it is important that you marry the right WHO for you.  I'll assume that most of you are married and past this first point, but if not... I have worked with a lot of couples and singles and in my opinion, choosing a spouse is the most important decision you will make in your life. There should not be an “I” in infertility, there should only be a “we”.  You and your spouse should be united together towards growing your family.

2. Your TTC Tribe! On your path towards growing your family you get to choose who you invite into your tribe, your support system. I have talked to so many people who are OR who have dealt with infertility and most of them say they feel alone and isolated.  It can be such a secretive and lonely place, but it doesn't have to be.  It's important to have family and friends in your every-day life / in person that are able to support and encourage you along the way.  It can be hard to be vulnerable and share, BUT if you choose the right WHO and intentionally lead the relationship and conversations, it can be a huge blessing!

3. Your Professional Support Team! You get to choose the Doctors, Coaches (like me), Clinics and any Donors that you may work with.  I have heard some amazing stories of wonderful physicians, caseworkers, donors and such.  I have also heard and had some horror stories in my own journey as a 3x Surrogate. Do your due diligence and get referrals.  Some doctors are excellent in their field, but aren't the ooey-gooey bedside manner nice type.  Know what matters most to you.  Also know that if you get into it and it's not working for you, don't be afraid to change professionals.

4. Your MVP! Last, but not least, the most important WHO... is God.  Faith is crucial to your fertility journey and a relationship with God, the Creator of the Universe, will sustain you during the ups and downs!

So as you continue on this journey towards growing your family, don't do it alone.  You have the Power of Who! You get to choose the major WHO's in your life and infertility and they will help determine what you have in the future!


Tiffany Jo Baker MA, CLC

Couples Life & Fertility Support Coach (+3x Surrogate)

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