Learn THE steps you need to take to improve your fertility &

prepare your body for the arrival of the baby you've been dreaming of.


🦩 Improve your egg quality


🦩 Reduce your chance of a miscarriage


🦩 Increase your chances of getting pregnant without drugs or expensive treatments






You're not broken. You're designed to carry the baby of your dreams. 


Your diet, lifestyle and emotional state might be blocking your natural fertility and preventing you 

from getting pregnant or maintaining a healthy pregnancy. 


​Regardless of where you are on your fertility journey,

you can improve your chances of success.​


Investing in yourself, by making small changes in areas like 

diet, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction can add up in a big way. 


But where to start? You might be feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice 

or feel like you've already tried it all! I feel you & I've got your back! 


The 10-day Finding Fertility Challenge is the opportunity to get educated and take action:


🦩 Eliminate 2 foods from the five most common food intolerances: Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy & Sugar


🦩 Give yourself time to really de-stress & create new habits that work for you⁣


Whether you're trying naturally or gearing up to use medical assistance, improving your 

fertility health is important to increase your chances of creating your dream family.


Here's what you'll get during the FREE 10-day Fertility Finding Challenge:


Map Out the Steps You're Going to Take

This free printable & clickable PDF is ta great road map to help set you up for a successful 10 days. to write in what you're going to commit to over the 10-day challenge.


The 3 THINGS THAT CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN HELPING YOU GET & STAY PREGNANT is packed full of extra supportive resources for inspiration & guidance on best practices during the 10-day challenge.


Connect with Likeminded Woman

You'll get ONE MONTH FREE access to the private TTC & Beyond Forum Boards. You'll have unlimited support from Fertility Heath Coach, Monica Cox & be able to gain NEW friends in your life, that will encourage you to make better choices. 


The Finding Fertility forum is designed with specific topics boards limiting "triggers" during this sensitive time. TTC & beyond support only - no wondering & getting sucked into the SM void & never miss a post, because of the algorithm! Opt-in for email alerts & follow specific boards for updates.


Come Together 

You need community right now more than ever! We're going to get together not once, but twice during the Finding Fertility 10-day challenge!


We'll meet on a private zoom link on Day Five & Day Nine as a group for a LIVE ONE HOUR online discussion- get your questions answered, express your emotions and gain a much need supportive community.


DATES & TIMES: April 5th & April 9th at 5pm PT/8pm ET - replays will be made avaiable if you can't join the live session.


Fertility Health Coach - Monica Cox

HI! I'm Monica Cox, founder of Finding Fertility. I will be your support system over the 10-day challenge. I know all too well how hard these times are; years of unexplained infertility, failed IVFs & heartbreaking miscarriages. Using the basic principles of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® you can begin to make small changes and maximise your chances of creating your dream family.


During the 10-day challenge, make sure to check your inbox daily. You'll be getting daily inspirational emails, that will help guide you through the small, but powerful changes ahead.


10-days+ of Mouth-Watering Fertility Boosting Meals

If you think that a clean eating, fertility-boosting diet is going boring and basically what birds eat - think again! Okay, your taste buds might be like WTF for a few days, but your fertility is going to be like HELL YA!


The Finding Fertility Inspirational Meal Plan is based on an Autoimmune Paleo Diet & is dairy, gluten, corn, soy & sugar-free. It comes with a shopping list, is printable & has clickable links to amazing recipes.


10-min Body Scan Audio Meditation Track 

Taking time for yourself & simpling being is something that might not be on the top for our todo list. But during the 10-day challenge you're going to make you, your NUMBER ONE priority. 


This 10-min meditation body scan is a great tool to start connecting with yourself and prepare your body to welcome your dream baby.




Everyone who signs up for the 10-day Finding Fertility Challenge will be entered to win

a one-hour coaching session worth $175. 


This personal coaching session can help significantly decrease the amount of time you spend trying to work out the right steps you need to take to maximizes your chances of getting and staying pregnant. 


Anything written about health and diet are my opinions, that I have formed over the years, through trial and error, study, reading, listening and observing. What worked for me, may not work for you. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician and all medical advice should be gotten from a qualified professional. The information on findingfertility.co and receive during the 10-day Finding Fertility Challange is for inspirational and personal educational purposes only.  It does not replace evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment by qualified health care professionals and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. Product recommendations are based on what I used during my infertility journey or wish I had. Some are affiliate links, which helps me to bring you more free inspiration and support.

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