How Would You Feel to Know the Right Steps You Need to Take to Improve Your Fertility?

Improve your chances even if you’ve been told there's nothing you can do to improve your situation.

Increase your chances of getting pregnant without drugs or expensive treatments

Reducing your chance of another miscarriage and carry your baby to full term.

Right Now You Might Be:

  • Confused about your unexplained infertility
  • Struggling with an autoimmune issue
  • Heartbroken over another miscarriage
  • Frustrated with expensive, failed medical interventions
  • Overwhelmed by conflicting information about fertility health
  • Worried about having a healthy pregnancy because of your age
  • Upset by your doctor’s pessimistic attitude about your chances

Regardless of where you are on your fertility journey, YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF SUCCESS.

90% of the woman who come into the Finding Fertility family are already working with functional medicine doctors, but I still find areas to improve on! In many cases, it's the last missing piece of the puzzle.


Whether you can get pregnant naturally, or, need medical assistance, working one to one with a Functional Fertility Health Coach to make achievable lifestyle changes, can drastically improve your chances of a successful pregnancy.

“The changes Monica helped us make not only got us our first positive pregnancy test ever, but we’ve changed the way we look & feeling our bodies and lives." - Laurie

You've found the right support to help make your DREAMS come true.

  • You're positive your body can change and heal
  • You're committed to improving your fertility health
  • You're open-minded about what can help you reach your goal
  • You're ready to change your daily lifestyle to optimize fertility
  • You're looking for a source of experienced and results-based knowledge
  • You're wanting to go above and beyond relying solely on modern medicine 

You’re ready to be proactive about improving your fertility. It’s time to prepare your body to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and bring home baby.

Discover how to start today and join the women who have found their fertility.

Build on the holistic fertility support you've already put into place!

Your body was designed to carry your baby. And there’s so much you can do — right now, from the comfort of your home — to make your dream of starting a family, come true. To arm yourself with the education, action, resources, and support, that can improve your chances of finally: finding fertility.

Here at Finding Fertility we take a whole-body approach & dig deep into what's really going on.

Your personal 4 week action plan covers these 6 important areas & make your D.R.E.A.M.S come true:


Get on the RIGHT diet for you. The key is to find what foods work & don't work!

Rest & Recovery

Your body needs time to heal & recover! Learn how to reduce stress, slow down & rest. This is crucial to improving your chances of success.


Give your adrenals a rest & stop hitting the gym so hard! Discover the right type & amount of exercise you need to get baby ready. 


Save time & money! Your fertility issues might not have anything to do with your lady bits! Start to focus on the areas your body needs to improve to help restore your fertility!


The #1 thing missing from your journey. Discover how to improve your mindset & manage your stress to increase your chances of bringing home baby.


Use a targeted approach to boost your fertility with the right supplements & foods. Start maximising your fertility health today!

Hello Beautiful!

Monica Cox here, qualified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner & Infertility Survivor + your new support system & guide to becoming a mama!

When my fertility doctors told me there was nothing I could do to improve my chances of getting and staying pregnant, my heart broke. But I didn't f*cking listen!

Two beautiful baby boys later, you know those doctors were totally wrong!

You're surviving the hard times that years of fertility issues, failed IVFs & heartbreaking miscarriages can bring, and I'm honored to support you as you take these next steps! Let's maximize your chances of getting and staying pregnant, & get steps closer to creating the family of your DREAMS.

Let's do this together

Discover the Six Vital Steps to Create the Family of Your DREAMS


I got a positive pregnancy test!!

My 1st HCG was 592 and the 2nd was 1355.

I still can’t believe it! 

Monica pushed me to the understanding that whatever happens in my body starts in my mind. I kept hearing you in my head “You don’t have to be perfect to get pregnant!” 

— Osher

If you're experiencing one or more of the issues below, you're most likely to see incredible results when working with a Functional Fertility Health Coach!

Imagine what it would feel like to surprise yourself with good news about your fertility.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁠ ⁣⁣

Like my girl C here! 12 fu*cking years 🤯 & not once did the doctors try to discover why.⁣⁣ She had been using medical assistance for years [and has 2 beautiful babies] but after a failed IVF, her doctor told her that she needed an egg donor - WTF! ⁣⁣
Something clicked & she decided to take matters into her own hands & came to me for support! When you enter the Finding Fertility Family we immediately start working on shifting your mindset and your goals!⁣⁣
YES! Pregnancy is your ultimate goal, but you're going to have BIG wins [some you didn't even know you needed] before you get there!!⁣⁣
When you stop hyper-focusing on the expectation of "just" being pregnant month after month & start working on small achievable goals, you can win in more ways than one.⁣⁣⁠⁣⁠⁣⁠⁣⁣




  • 3x One-hour Coaching Sessions
  • Detailed Intake Process
  • Personal 4-week Action Plan
  • Improve Your Egg Quality 
  • Discover Your Perfect Fertility Diet
  • Understand How Your "Normal" Health Issues Can Be Contributing to Your Infertility
  • Support Your Mindset & Discover How to Manage Your Stress to Improve Your Fertility
  • 3 Months FREE Access to the Finding Fertility Community
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  • 3x One-hour Coaching Sessions
  • Order up to 3 Functional Tests*
  • Detailed Intake Process
  • Personal 4-week Action Plan
  • Improve Your Egg Quality 
  • Discover Your Perfect Fertility Diet
  • Understand How Your "Normal" Health Issues Can Be Contributing to Your Infertility
  • Support Your Mindset & Discover How to Manage Your Stress to Improve Your Fertility
  • 3 Months FREE Access to the Finding Fertility Community
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*Functional Testing Priced Individually. Click here to see a full price list.

Your Infertility Might Have NOTHING To Do With Your Lady Bits!


How do I know this? Because your doctor has told you everything looks "fine", and it's just one of those things, or you've been given a diagnosis & they've told you "there's nothing you can do about that." Yet you have all the working bits, and you know deep down it's possible.

👆🏼 My girl "O"

Doctors told her after failed IUI's that there was nothing she could do & IVF was her next step. I called BS!! A few months after we discovered the root cause of her thyroid issues she got pregnant naturally with a beautiful baby boy!!! 

A no BS approach & support from a qualified Functional Fertility Coach who not only gets what you're going through but came out the other side a happier, healthier mama to two beautiful baby boys.

You'll be able to say goodbye to Dr. Google and feel confident that you're taking the right steps [using science-backed functional medical] for YOU & your baby to be! 

A sense of clarity and confidence that you are taking the right steps for your body! You'll know what's working for you and what isn't, understand your mental blocks & how to recognise when you're self-sabotaging!

You won't feel so overwhelmed by it all! You'll start to feel confident that you don't have to be perfect to get & stay pregnant!

You'll start to find the JOY in the now, rediscover the person you were before, and start becoming the mama bear you've always wanted to be.

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Book Your Discovery Call Today


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Infertility itself is a symptom that something or many things are not working in harmony and chances are you’re now dealing with a symptom of infertility:

Irregular Menstrual Cycles, Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Low AMH, Hormonal Imbalance, POCS, Weight Issues, Endometriosis, Autoimmune Issues, Ovarian Cysts, Recurrent Miscarriages or Hypothyroidism – just to name a few.

You might be dealing with unexplained infertility (like I did for years) or you have a health issue that the doctors say are unrelated, but deep down you feel it’s hindering your chances.  

This is when knowledge about true fertility health is vital.

Wherever you are in your journey, working one to one with a Functional Fertility Health Coach will give you the action steps needed to get steps closer to creating the family of your DREAMS!



"I never expected to see results so fast!"


“I love your real-ness, Monica!”


“I couldn’t have gotten here without you, Monica.” 


“Finding Fertility has been a huge game-changer for me.”