Podcast Discovery Call 🦩Is Stress Contributing to My Recurring Miscarriages?

“When you’re always in flight and fight mode, your body never has time to recover.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 The contribution of genetics and lifestyle to egg quality.

🦩 Diet and stress changes to make to improve egg quality before IVF.

🦩 Give yourself time to heal from a miscarriage before trying again.

If you’re experiencing recurring miscarriages, have you looked at how your overall health might be the cause? Your low egg quality might be due to your lifestyle and your physical and emotional health.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, we talk about recurring miscarriages and how to improve your health for better embryo quality. I explain how to focus on improving your health for a few months first before trying to conceive after a miscarriage.

Listen in to learn the contribution of genetics, inflammation, and lifestyle to egg quality and the changes you can make to improve. You will also learn the importance of giving yourself proper time and space to heal after a miscarriage before going for an IVF.

“The stress is always going to be there, the how you handle the stress is what impacts your body.”

Podcast Discovery Call 🦩Is Stress Contributing to My Recurring Miscarriages?

Episode Highlights:

  • [3:06] Recurring miscarriages plus the different tests she has undergone.
  • [7:41] How the immune system, thyroid, gut health, and stress issues can lead to recurring miscarriages.
  • [18:25] How to be honest with yourself and start making changes to improve your egg quality.
  • [20:11] The importance of improving egg quality before going for an IVF round.
  • [23:10] The different ways to help you lower your stress levels and inflammation.
  • [26:29] The importance of giving yourself proper time and space to heal after a miscarriage.
  • [30:59] The benefits of sleep in helping your body to recover and stay healthy.  
  • [33:03] How to avoid the stress of trying to conceive after a miscarriage by using protection.

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