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Season #1


Testing at home for potential fertility issues is a big thing now. You can test for everything from your Progesterone levels, ovarian reserve to food sensitivities in the comfort of your own home. Some of these tests come with extra support, but some just give you raw results with little or no direction on where to go and what to do. Testing at home for fertility issues can be empowering, but at the same time can leave hung up on a diagnosis’s that seems damming to your fertility health.


So are these home tests a good thing? 


Are they reliable?


What do you do with that information?


Do you have the knowledge to use this information in the right way? Does your doctor?


How are theses home tests for fertility shaping the way we look at our fertility health? 


These questions and more are the hot topic of discussion on this episode of The Fertility Reconnect Talk Show 


Show Notes:

00:48 Devon from The Fertility Finance Coach 

01:02 Sarah from Fab Fertile

01:14 Adrienne from Adrienne Wei

05:02 What happens if you find out you have a low AMH 

08:00 Is the Fertility Community being exploited? 

12:00 Freeze your eggs because your fertility is poor - SAY WHAT!?!

13:30 Should Insurance pay for your fertility treatment?

18:50 When the test & IVF don’t give you an answer or a baby

22:07 At home IUI kits

27:41 Money Mindset

31:25 Food sensitivity tests

35:18 Not underestimating “small” shifts or improvements to increase your fertility

41:23 Not getting hung up on your negative test results

42:50 Linking the normal health issues to fertility

45:55 Medication & Epigenetics 


So here we go - get ready to become your own HERO!

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