How I Made, Saved & Manifested Money To Buy My Dream Family with Devon Baeza [How to Pay for IVF Without Insurance]

Season #1 Episode #190

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How I Made, Saved & Manifested Money To Buy My Dream FamilyHow 

🎼 Money, Money, Money. Monnnneyy.” 🎼 how am I going to pay for all the health coaching and/or fertility treatment, I need to create my dream family. I thought this wasn’t going to be an issue for us during our infertility journey. We lived in the United Kingdom & the NHS paid for IVF. Until it didn’t. We just moved to York & unknowing we were now in (at the time) one of the only three countries that didn’t pay for IVF. At my last OBGYN appointment, when they couldn’t find an answer to my unexplained infertility, he told me the bad news that we would have to pay for IVF 💰 

I’m excited to have Devon on the podcast & share her story & a few tips on the power of changing your mindset around money. Spoiler alert 🚨 Your issues with money, have nothing to do with money. 

Devon Baeza is The Fertility Finance Coach. She combines her degree in finance, years of fertility treatments, and master life coach training to help women make, save, and manifest money to fund their future family FAST. 

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