What the F*ck is Epigenetics & Why Should I Care About It? | The Fertility Connection Talk Show

Season #1 Episode #186

πŸ’š On Tuesdays, I'm bringing back some of the first podcasts I recorded. They are raw and not newly edited, so you will hear the podcast being called Infertile Diagnosis. But don't worry, you're still getting top quality content and the support you need πŸ’š

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! Welcome back to another episode of Finding Fertility. We're back with another Talk Show - The Fertility Connection discussing epigenetics. 

What the F*ck is Epigenetics & Why Should You Care About It | The Fertility Connection Talk Show

Join Devon from The Fertility Finance Coach

Sarah from Fab Fertile  

& me, Monica from Finding Fertility as we discuss -What the F*ck is Epigenetics & Why Should I Care About It?

Let's Do This Together πŸ’š


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