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You can increase your egg quality by improving your cellular health!

Your diagnosis is not set in stone & you can improve most issues by lowering your inflammation.

You can enhance your body's natural abilities & carry your baby to full term!

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  • Discover the Six Vital Steps to Creating the Family of Your¬†D.R.E.A.M.S.¬†
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  • Discover the Top Area of Your Body You Should Be Focusing On Instead!
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Improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally & increase your chances of IUI/IVF success!

Your fertility issues might have NOTHING to do with your lady bits!

How do I know?

Because your doctor has told you everything looks "fine", and it's just one of those things, or you've been given a diagnosis & they've told you "there's nothing you can do about that." 

Yet you have all the working bits, and you know deep down it's possible! 

"Finding Fertility's coaching has been a huge game-changer. I wouldn’t be where I am today! You've helped me realise that there are actually things I can do to explain the unexplained and I’m just so so grateful I had you guiding me through this!"


Monica Cox here, Holistic Functional Fertility Health Coach, qualified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Psych-K Facilitator & Fertility Issues Solver + your new support system & guide to becoming the conscious mother YOU were born to be!

When my fertility doctors told me there was nothing I could do to improve my chances of getting and staying pregnant, my heart broke. But I didn't listen!

Two beautiful baby boys later, you know those doctors were totally wrong!

You're surviving the hard times that years of fertility issues, failed IVFs & heartbreaking miscarriages can bring, and I'm honored to support you as you take these next steps!

Let's maximize your chances of getting and staying pregnant, & get steps closer to creating the family of your DREAMS.

Let's do this together.


"Thank you for giving me the much needed nudge to make some serious lifestyle changes over the last few weeks. I’m going to carry those tools with me throughout this pregnancy and in to motherhood."


Build on the holistic fertility support you've already put into place!

Your body was designed to carry your baby. And there‚Äôs so much you can do ‚ÄĒ right now, from the comfort of your home ‚ÄĒ to make your dream of starting a family, come true. To arm yourself with the education, action, resources, and support, that can improve your chances of finally: finding fertility.

When Others Say You Can't- Finding Fertility is Showing HOW YOU CAN!

At the core of Finding Fertility is one simple idea: a no BS approach to support you in making simple changes in six specific areas that are proven to improve your chances of getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and creating the family of your DREAMS!

Clear Steps

Proven detailed strategies made specific specifically for you. Giving you the clarity to make the changes your body needs without getting lost or overwhelmed.

Clear Support

You never have to go it alone. All of our programs come with access to the Finding Fertility Community & a Top Functional Fertility Health Coach.

Clear Results

Though it’s impossible to guarantee your fertility future, the lifestyle changes you can make within the Finding Fertility programs deliver clarity that can support you in reaching vital milestones.

"My blood test today confirmed my pregnancy. And according to my doctor my HCG and progesterone levels were awesome. So relieved I won’t have to supplement with progesterone!"


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Finding Fertility does not diagnose or treat any disease but offers educational and informational resources that are not intended to substitute for a qualified medical professional.



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