BONUS: Infertility + Instagram + #Hashtags | The Fertility Connection Talk Show

Season #1 Episode #53

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! Welcome back to another episode of Finding Fertility. We're back with another Talk Show - The Fertility Connection discussing Infertility + Instagram + #Hashtags

To Use or Not To Use - that might not be the only topic that needs to be discussed here on IG and within our community. @robynbirkin noticed one night, that the 1.1 million times used hashtag #infertility was "FILLED with pregnancy announcements and photographs of kids" and noted how this could be really hurtful to those mid struggle. What she didn't expect was a very heated and at times hateful debate on whether or not you should use is one specific hashtag when celebrating your epic win.

She went on to edit her post "I love healthy debate - all points of view are valid but please always comment with kindness and respect. It is clearly a much more emotional topic than I thought." This post got brought to my attention a few days before we were set to record the Fertility Connection Talk Show and I have to be honest, my first I thought was WTF. We're really using hateful talk within our community? So we all thought it would be a good idea to have a healthy debate about what got brought to light over the hashtag #infertility

Join Devon @the_fertility_finance_coach from The Fertility Finance Coach

Sarah @fabfertile from Fab Fertile  

Robyn @robynbirkin from Robyn Birkin 

& me, Monica @findingfertility from Finding Fertility as we discuss - Dealing with Infertility on Social Media | Instagram + Hashtags

So here we go - get ready to become your own HERO!

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