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Season #1 Episode #43

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Welcome back to another episode of the Infertile Diagnosis. We're back with another Talk Show - The Fertility Connection discussing - What if You Had Free Fertility Treatment & Health Coaching?

What if you were given 20,000 pounds, euros or dollars to do whatever you pleased with during your fertility journey? 

What type of decisions would you make? 

Would you do fertility treatment or looked into health coaching?

Or maybe both? I know my infertility journey would have been dramatically different if money wasn't an issue. But I can honestly say I'm not sure it would have been for the better. Because we didn't have the money, we had to take our time when it came to doing fertility treatments. This time gave me time to sort my sh*t out. 

If I had £20,000, I would have rushed into doing fertility treatment again & again. For me, if I didn't sort my health issues out, I would have never gotten pregnant - not even with the support of IVF! The £20,000 would not have been used wisely.

With the hindsight I have now, I know I would have only needed a fraction of the £20,000 to reconnect my fertility. Health coaching would have saved my time, MONEY & heartache. With my hindsight, I should have hired a health coach & a personal chef & I most likely would have been pregnant within in 6 - 12 months. I wouldn't have had to dick around with years of failed fertility treatments!

But that's just me. 

Join Devon from The Fertility Finance Coach

Sarah from Fab Fertile  

Adrienne from Adrienne Wei  

& me, Monica from Mindful Me as we discuss - What if You Had Free Fertility Treatment & Health Coaching?

So here we go - get ready to become your own HERO!

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