5 Infertility, IVF & Fertility Treatments Superstitions & Myths Debunked

fertility tips Jun 15, 2021

Topics Discussed: 

🦩 Pineapple Core

🦩Pomegranate Juice

🦩Keeping Your Feet Warm

🦩Fertility Supplements

🦩McDonald's French Fries

You better believe I tried any and every superstition & myth related to IVF & infertility during my journey. Why not - they weren't going to do my body any harm - RIGHT?

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And back in my early years of infertility, I was willing to do ANYTHING to get a BFP. But hindsight is a bitch, and knowing what I know now, none of these infertility superstitions/myths would have worked for me - Sarah, either.

5 Infertility, IVF & Fertility Treatments Superstitions & Myths Debunked

Listen to this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast here: 5 Infertility, IVF & Fertility Treatments Superstitions & Myths Debunked

One - they were way too narrow-minded. Only focusing on "implantation" - I know now there's a LOT more to get & maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Two - They may not have individually "hurting" my chances. But with all the other shit going on in my body, they were adding to the inflammation and chaos going on, which was making me infertile.

Does that mean you shouldn't do them? Well, here's the thing - many of these IVF & infertility superstitions - myths can be doing you more harm than helping. We break down from a whole-body & functional medicine perspective and hopefully help you to rethink these IVF/infertility superstitions/myths.

Full Transcript:

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Thank you for joining me for another episode of the finding fertility podcast. I want to remind you that every Tuesday I re launch one of my favourite episodes that we've done in the past. So if you hear any funny dates, offers or even the podcast being called the infertile diagnosis, this is why I hope you forgive me for this and enjoy the amazing content we're putting out here on the podcast. And whenever you're ready for more guided support, make sure you go over to the website and check out the fertility formula. This is where I take you through the six vital steps you need to overcome your fertility issues. The formula is an exclusive 10 week online programme packed full of everything I did to get pregnant naturally, using science backed functional medicine, you'll discover the method I take with my one to one clients without the high price tag. start boosting your fertility naturally by maximising all areas of your health. Today, the monthly membership includes special access to me your fertility health coach, so check it out over at the website, www dot finding fertility.co backslash fertility formula. Hello beautiful people and welcome to another episode of The infertile diagnosis.

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I'm your host Monica Cox, along with Sarah Clark, and we here to support inspire and educate those who are all consumed with the label of infertility. We totally know how you're feeling both Sarah and I were diagnosed with a form of infertility before we hit our 30s we let the fertility experts dictate our past and ignored what our bodies were trying to tell us for far too long. So here we are helping you take control of your infertile diagnosis

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right so welcome to our first q&a on the infertile diagnosis we are here to you just to set the record straight with some of the conflicting information that is out there. Our first q&a is really no questions from the audience. We just wanted to come and set some set some record straight about all these superstitions I suppose or miss or things that we see that in in for infertile community doing on a regular basis, right this is not just in my head. I have to admit, I did try some of these myself. Until I kind of started realising that they were probably doing a lot more damage to my health then hoping but the first one we want to tackle is the McDonald's french fries. The fucking fries. It kills me shocking Where the fuck did this come from? Like I sometimes I wonder did McDonald's like, like give all the IVF clinics a kickback if, like promote going to eat McDonald's french fries, because it's not just fries, right? It's McDonald's french fries? Not what about Burger King? Like what? Like why? I couldn't find on the internet anywhere. Why McDonald's french fries, and how it got started. I mean, it must have started on like a chat forum group, right?

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I can't Yeah, I can't remember now what because there's something about the the oils or something. But yeah, they've got trans fat at least there's no trans fats in there. But I think if they're, if it's below, below 2.5%, they don't need to report it. So there's still even though they say there's no trans fat, but the fats in there like it's definitely not the good fat that you're finding in in french fries, and then having that. So don't get me wrong. I for years did the standard Western diet. I had my like my fair share of Big Macs and fries on a regular basis. But when you're going through this delicate procedure to form new life, and you're taking in a processed gross food, like McDonald's, I haven't darken the door in years. Yeah, I didn't used to go regularly and the more I had it, I literally created those fries. That crazy like I crave them.

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Yeah. So on this week's closer day day clip I played a clip about McDonald's fries. So I think all of our listeners are well and truly informed of how shitty fries are from the very beginning of their growth in the fields of and he talks about The toxins they actually used to grow the potato because they wanted a certain type of potato. But this potato is really prone to all the little brown marks, you know, you get on potatoes, so they use crazy as chemicals to get rid of this. So that's step one, right? We're not even talking

Unknown Speaker 5:20
the organic button.

Unknown Speaker 5:23
And then yeah, the shit that they are fried in. Also, on my research before this, I was reading different bloggers about the McDonald's french fries, because obviously, it's a hot topic. And one woman swore by um, diet helped her first IVF cycle happen. And she asked her doctor about Oh, should I go get these fries? Thinking the doctor is gonna say to her, no, no, don't don't eat that. And the doctor said, and I'm quoting this, so would help with my Oh, s s. So your hyperstimulation of your ovaries, which can happen during egg retrieval. And I just thought you really? Like okay, some nice Himalayan pink salt. If you want some salt in your diet? Don't go get a shitty McDonald's one. So yeah, it's just crazy. So eating one thing of fries, during, let's say, a month period, when you're driving home from the clinic, is it going to destroy your chances of beginning getting pregnant? No. Right? You would agree with that. We're not saying that this is going to have you know, don't do it. Because it's going to affect the outcome of your journey. What we're saying is, is being really mindful that this is just not the best option. You know, I was really happy to see on Instagram once this woman who was doing healthy eating, went to her favourite restaurant and they actually did French fries, or chips in duck fat, which was awesome was like, yeah, good, healthy fats. That's probably a really nice organic potato. Like, that's the way to treat your body and treat your future trials. Right. And I don't know, I kind of wonder, too. I know, I don't know, I can't say I had the McDonald's french fries. On my first IVF I just don't remember. I definitely did not have them on my second IVF. I have to admit, when I went into labour with I didn't go into labour with my first child. I was induced and I like, like, hung around for five days, or so fucking over. We had a mix. But um, yeah, it's, it's just making those better choices, right? And I just feel like the community. Like, this is why we're doing the podcast, we want to make a difference. We want to make some waves that these little superstitions even though you feel like, I don't know, I sometimes wonder if people are just doing it to be a part of the community to do something. You know, they post their picture and also the

Unknown Speaker 8:19
idea to so yeah, included. superstition, but it doesn't because I think everyone I don't think anyone thinks that. Like if you've seen Supersize Me, I don't think anyone thinks that McDonald's is healthy like I don't think I think that even people that eat on a regular basis. No, it's not good for you. Yeah. Yeah. And the superstition around this by I don't know. It's just something Yeah, I miss like a mythbuster of saying, Well, why? Like we look at it like what's the Buddhist right for your body? Well, maybe you've got issues like you with Nate sheets. Maybe there's, you know, the Bronx salt, the all the wrong fat around salt, Lake everything process. It's not organic. It's full of pesticides. Why? Like as you say, go home and make yourself I make fries at home all the time.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
Yeah, I just want to know what the psychology of it all is. And where the fuck it came from. Actually, you mentioned Supersize Me there is a YouTube clip, which I'll put in the show notes of the same guy who did the the movie and they got all the different McDonald's like burgers, like the flay and the Big Mac and the cheeseburger and fries and they put them in the these like glass containers and let them decompose. And it is the most disgusting thing ever. I mean, the mole that was getting on these burgers were so gross. The fucking fries never changed. No, like not even they may be shrivelled down a little bit. But it was it was pretty gross. So anyways, They were good. Yeah. And the clip that was on Tuesday, he talks about that those fast food companies are in the business of making you crave them. That's what brings you back. Right? You know, it's not healthy, but it tastes good. Right? Yeah. So anyways, I just hope, this little conversation for anyone going to do an IVF round and thinking about having talked after just thinking twice about it and let's start a new tradition. Like have

Unknown Speaker 10:33

Unknown Speaker 10:37
we'll have to come up with something. The probably the most common myth out there is pineapple core, because you can do it whether you're trying to conceive naturally, for IVF or IUI. What is your feeling about the pineapple core

Unknown Speaker 10:56
pie was Bronwyn and that people can be intolerant to that it's come up with food sensitivity test, actually, the functional nutritionist that we work with, she was doing all kinds of pineapple and she was allergic to Roma and it's in could be intolerant to it. Yep,

Unknown Speaker 11:10
I tried to scour the internet for how much actual ramen you're getting in a pineapple core. Because, yeah, there's loads of supplements out there with it in it. There's, you know, specific ones just for that and they recommend, you know, whatever 50 to 100 milligrammes you know, for whatever ailment you're trying to do, but in a chord, no one was willing to say the actual amount. And the other thing that you get with pineapple is sugar. You know, you you one, one cup is 14 grammes of sugar. So that's your half of your daily allowance. And if you're eating this, I think someone said like, five days before now after, you know, ovulation or embryo transfer, you're whacking yourself with so much sugar. And for me, I didn't realise I had a fructose intolerance. So I'm pretty I know, I ate the pineapple core, for sure, maybe a few times. And, you know, when people say like, well just just do it, because it might not be there's no harm in it, right? Like you don't think eating pineapple is harmful. But like you say, there's all these intolerance that people may have that you don't know about. And you you actually are doing more harm than good. By having it.

Unknown Speaker 12:42
These recommendations have worked for someone. Yes, we're all different. And so to take like, that's like a diet, the Keto, the Paleo the whatever it is, it's worked for someone, but it may not work for you. So to take that that food now tropical fruit, they say you can only eat the fruit that can be grown in your region. So unless you're in the Caribbean, or Hawaii, like you are with the person, then yeah, if you're naturally if you're from there, then to eat the fruit that's around there, because you're eating all this tropical fruit, which typically higher and higher in sugar and making those smoothies with it, like just like a big sugar low in the morning. Like in your blood sugar. And you know, how, how good is that for your sex hormones in your?

Unknown Speaker 13:23
Yeah, I mean, there's so much more involved in just eating the core, right? And I always think to like, when you're dealing with infertility, you obviously have so much inflammation, somewhere in your body that is causing your infertility, right. And so they're talking about this pineapple core lowering, you know, it's supposed to be anti inflammatory. And let's just say your inflammation is in your uterus. If you're having that much inflammation in your uterus, eating a pineapple core, let's say even 10 days out of the month is not going to sort that shit out.

Unknown Speaker 14:05
Dairy first

Unknown Speaker 14:10
and, and I think that's, you know, in the everything, I was kind of reading on the internet, that's where the pineapple came, I've got a little pineapple on my back. And I think it's awesome that that has become a symbol, and it's brought, you know, the infertility community together. But it's once again, just getting those facts out there that even though it may work for some people, and I think maybe the people that it is working for, they're doing other things as well. You know, they're either improving their diet or they're taking drugs or you know, is this pineapple core thing just kind of just needs to stop and go away just like the fucking price?

Unknown Speaker 14:51
No, because these magic pill things I've had people call me saying what's the pill I can take to fix this. There's no pill to like you can't outs and supplement yourself Have a bad diet and bad lifestyle like it's it's foundational. So yeah, these little, little one stop fixes could be good for one person. But during now you're dealing with infertility. And there's other things going on in your body. And what yeah, the focus just on that? I don't know. It doesn't make sense.

Unknown Speaker 15:18
Yeah. When you when you look at it as a whole, it just doesn't make sense. And I know, I remember being there just desperate for anything to work. So I was willing to do all these things. But I didn't have the knowledge that actually came with, with what was actually going on. And that kind of leads us to the pomegranate juice. And I think it's the same exact thing around a, the pineapple. For most of us were going and buying palm, you know, the one with the little hearts on it. I mean, they've done an amazing job advertising themselves. Yeah, they're marketing. I think I read on the internet, they've spent millions of dollars doing studies to, you know, improve how good pomegranate juice is for your health. And points. Again, if you are buying a 16 ounce bottle and drinking this daily. You're getting 34 grammes of sugar and no fibre. There's absolutely no fibre in this drink. And I see the pomegranate juice all the time on Instagram. And it just kills me.

Unknown Speaker 16:35
You don't see the actual holograms yet because those things are a pain in the butt to get

Unknown Speaker 16:41
covered in it. Well, yeah, I mean, you can think about if you try to juice a pomegranate, like, how many pomegranates do you actually have to physically juice to get 16 ounces?

Unknown Speaker 16:53
Can imagine I've never bought it and we don't recommend it to any of our clients. And I just think it's like this one. Again, with this one thing that sort of meaningless.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
Yeah, just think of how much sugar you're actually putting into your body if you're doing pineapple. And

Unknown Speaker 17:13
yeah, the sugar overloaded if you have a blood sugar issue then.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
Yeah, right. So yeah, pomegranate once again. You know, yes, there are amazing things about the fruit itself. So if you want to go and buy a pomegranate during your two week, wait, and you know, have some seeds from it and your salad. Fantastic. But if you are guzzling down pomegranate juice, you know, for a week, it's just for me and for I would say, for a lot of people are going to be doing you more harm than good. You know, don't don't let this whole like, well, you know, it's not gonna it's not gonna be bad for you. Right? You know, cuz, in hindsight, it might be another myth that kind of just boggles my mind is keeping your feet warm. During your two week, wait.

Unknown Speaker 18:10
Now, the traditional Chinese medicine keeping the ute the wound warm and keeping your feet warm, wearing the socks, but but if it's that, well then if you have cool feet, then well, first of all, we was looking at full thyroid panel on the bodies and see if there's a thyroid thing going on a computer call to begin with. And yeah, drinking like the cold liquids. And so keeping the body warm, I kind of that makes sense. Because the shocking it with these these cool things, but if putting the keeping the feet, like isn't countering Chinese, traditional Chinese medicine, so.

Unknown Speaker 18:47
But with like the Chinese medicine, right, there's a rhyme and a rhythm and a reason to be doing things, right. Just the feet. Yeah, yeah. They're like you're living a lifestyle of warmth, and all that kind of stuff, where this kind of myth I'm talking about is literally you just wear socks all the time to transfer or, yeah, so after you transfer, you're just you keep your feet in socks, and you just keep them really, really warm. And I just am like, Well, if that one like you say like there's if you have cold feet, there's an issue, why you have cold feet and hands all the time. And yeah, check your thyroid. That is a huge factor. But I just wonder is like if you live in Vegas, where it's hot, or Hawaii, where it's hot, like people who deal with infertility, they're right, they don't need to have socks on to keep their feet warm, and it's still not working for them. So it's just this kind of weird, like, I know where it's come from, like every everything kind of comes from a good place, right? But when it's kind of brought into the superstitions, it just it loses. Its, you know, core value of where it's coming. I mean from you because I think acupuncture is talked about that a lot. And, and I think you're right it is. There is some there is. What's the word? Yeah, in all of it. But just walking around in socks and doing nothing else, you know. So now you're in the your pineapple, your trunk, your pomegranate juice, you're walking around in socks. What's the next thing that we do? That is just crazy. With the supplementation?

Unknown Speaker 20:32
Yeah, the supplement like the over the the amount of people that are self prescribing supplements. And there's a few basic ones, which we may know about. But taking a whole bunch of other ones without like we look at soon as you look at functional testing to see exactly what's going on, because you could we have people coming to us for like 30 supplements they're taking why they're taking it took it for years, they spent hundreds of hundreds of 1000s of dollars on these things. And yeah, like I didn't do any because this wasn't when I was going through it. It was none of this was even around. But it's huge right now. I see it all the time and self prescribing. Yeah, even you know, I work with this stuff. I'm not a I'm not a nutritionist, but I like to hire someone to help me figure this out.

Unknown Speaker 21:20
Yeah, I, I did it and I'm, yeah, I'm, I'm just shocked that Annika blue in the face with all the shit I used to take. And even even though I was like diet and lifestyle before my second IVF I still just wasn't there with the knowledge and we went insulin iridologist. And I've talked about this before, but he other than giving us a really shitty nutrition advice he put us on false unicorn got, I don't like I can't think off the top of my head, but at least five different supplements. He put me on a natural blood thinner. And yeah, and even before that, I was just taking anything and everything and I've done some posts and listed out the amount of supplements are used to fucking take. And I'm not saying that supplements aren't important. There's definitely a place for supplements and we need them, you know, but but like you say you need to find the right ones that is going to support your body and support your fertility. And a lot of these I feel like a lot of the fertility supplements, they're just never going to work for you. If you have an underlining root condition, they're not going to be your magic pill because I know for years I was taking maca royal jelly, you know all those thinking like, well, that's gonna help my fertility where it was like, it was just such a waste of money.

Unknown Speaker 22:51
The royal jelly, the maca, the all the different prenatals which people are taking the wrong prenatal? Yeah, I just think it's there's a lot of misinformation out there about supplements and really making sure you get there should be a protocol that you there's a beginning and an end to it. You're not just taking these forever. There's like basics where you take a methylated prenatal, you take magnesium, you take an omega, and you take potentially a digestive enzyme, depending on what's going on. But yeah, sort of some basic ones, but all these other other ones where you don't quite know what you know why why you're taking them you might have read, you know, tell you to take these things, and that might be right for one person, but not for you. And it just it just to me it was waste time. Yeah, exactly. the right ones for your body.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
Mm hmm. Yeah, it's, it's really mental with what is available out there. And the quality matters to you know, that's another huge issue is that people think, you know, going to their local supermarket and buying Yeah, Kirklin you know, brands. What's the other really popular one with a little sperm? Or oh, like the has like a couple on the front? And the little spur may have his and hers. Yeah, I don't know. But yeah, it's it's extremely important for everyone. But I would also say for people with the deep underlining root issues, you know, they can have, if you're allergic to corn or soy, or any of that and those are in the vitamins you're taking daily, right? This is not just something you have every once in a while. It could be just compounding on your issue, right? It's not going to be the be all and make all of your fertility journey. But it's definitely a key cornerstone of having really good supplements.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
We see it all the time with people taking supplements, a whole list of them and then it comes up in their food sensitivity. Test. And you know, they've got soy and corn and gluten. In the supplements. It's the wrong prenatal. They got the MTHFR. And it's not taking methylated and every single person should be taking a methylated. Folate. Yeah. Dr. Ben Ben Lynch in the podcast a while does you know. And we'll talk about the importance of that, like folic acid, say goodbye to it. And yeah, like to know what's what's really become this little label sleuth and reading the labels to see what's what's in what's in it. And a lot of times people are saying, I'm taking wheat grass, which if you're intolerant to sensitive to gluten, which we say for, for, for anyone trying to conceive, like, try going off gluten for 60 days. And then you're taking these wheatgrass shots, which if you're sensitive to gluten, we do not recommend a wheat grass to so many people doing wheat grass supplements are in shots. No.

Unknown Speaker 25:57
Yeah, exactly. There's there's a very good marketing tool because it has become popular. And you know, we talked about how when you were growing up, it was unpopular to be hippie and eat all these things. And now it's super popular. And I talked about the other day. Canola oil. So I go, we have a whole foods and we have a vegan shop just next to us. And I wasn't even thinking about it. When I moved here. It's like oh, yeah, healthy food shop. And then all of a sudden, I'm just like, Alright, start reading the labels. I'm like, fuck, how much canola oil? Am I eating? Wonder I'm feeling like shit. And yeah, you just have to be a food label gi because the marketing out there now is just so good. They know that where you don't want you to write, they know that we're in a rush. And that we won't take the time to actually look at the shit. And there's so much shit even if it's organic, look at the packet and see what's in there. And it was we've gotten on off on a little tangent. But alright, so those are the kind of top Miss I'm sure there's some more, but those are the ones we wanted to cover. And I know coming from our background, you know, everyone just wants like one simple tip, or trick or tip that they can do. And I was trying to think of one and I couldn't I couldn't think like okay, if you just do this before during your transfer or ovulation, this will help you could you can you think of one

Unknown Speaker 27:39
to me, if you're going down the IVF IUI route. The one thing you need to do is you need to work on your mindset. So like with your journal with visualisation with meditation, Uber, Uber, self care, really dig into the mindset piece. If you're going down to getting pregnant naturally. That's a whole other conversation with diet and lifestyle and lots of things we can do there. But if you're going down that route, I would just visualise the heck out of this thing working.

Unknown Speaker 28:05
Yeah. But it's not a quick fix, right? You got to you got to start that shit, like ages ago. And I think even I would say diet is just important going into, you know, IVF or IUI to increase your chances, but you can't, you can't just do it for two weeks, right? You can't just say, okay, my IVs coming up, I'm going to start clean eating. You know, I see it all the time. You just that it doesn't for most people, it does not work that way.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
Like I get calls and it's like, oh, I live next month, I'm having an IVF. And I say I wouldn't change the diet right now. You can have detox reactions, you can also issues. I would if you're going to call me now you have 30 days. Focus on your mindset. Yeah. And working if you've got six months, that's a whole different ballgame where we're like, we're looking at diet, we're looking at all these things to prepare. Because we obviously believe in all of that, but seeing the results people getting pregnant naturally after being told sorry, it's not going to work or so. Yeah, it's it's where you want to go? Yeah, exactly. Down. Yeah, go they'll go down the route of you know, IVF or IUI. And then they decide when they no longer want to do that. They'll come here when they're ready.

Unknown Speaker 29:26
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, my point was, I was hoping that we can give our listeners a nice good tip trick. But a little fun little trick. Yeah, right. But

Unknown Speaker 29:39
do not have folic acid. Is methylated folate, full stop done. That's what that would be the track.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
Yeah. And if you're wondering what we're on about Sarah did an amazing interview with Dr. Ben Lynch and it's on her other podcasts, get pregnant. Actually and go listen to it. If you watch me on Instagram, you might have saw it. It's a massive game changer, in my opinion. And we were talking about it before and we were just so happy that we he was so frank about things he was. And that's what we need. That's those conversations, to start changing things up is we need to be pretty frank and not beat around the bush, which I feel that the infertility world does beat around the bush because we one don't want to like maybe offend people or to or it's not scientifically proven that diet and lifestyle works. You know, it doesn't work for everyone, you know, all those different things. I think we walk really thin line of what we want to say or what we're able to say. And I think that's just bullshit and we're just gonna start pissing people off I think,

Unknown Speaker 30:55
well, yeah, I might have said this before in here and can't remember but like, How come when we're given a prescription drug, we're like, okay, and we take it and we see there's some side effects. We're like, Okay, we'll take it. But if we're where we've been prescribed, maybe a supplement, or some diet and lifestyle, things were like, all of a sudden we become these, these crazy researchers research the shit out of it, but with the drug, we just take it. Why? Why?

Unknown Speaker 31:19
Yeah, and I can't remember who Dr. Lynch quoted, but he said one of the people he follows on Facebook or something about planning a wedding, and then how much effort you put into having a child I was like, Oh, that hurts man. Like cuts to the core.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
Like, the food and the cake and the DJ No. And then for beanie boom, we know, a month let's let's do it. 30 days.

Unknown Speaker 31:48
Yeah, right. Yeah. But like we say, you know, hopefully as getting this information is going to support people in encouraging them to make new decisions and feeling supported in those decisions that our society is just not there yet. And we do are made to feel like a bit of freaks or that we're Whoo, who's about this and but yeah, like we've said before, 10 years time, hopefully, it will be the norm or at least not as fought against.

Unknown Speaker 32:25
War will be a deep in The Handmaid's Tale and some of that stuff like Damn. Like the the pesticides on the produce, and everyone's in fertile. And like, talking to some of these practitioners on my podcast. Information. I know. Yeah. It's not like freaky out there. It's like, we need to do something now.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
Yeah. And, um, you know, as I've said, Before, you my focus changed. It wasn't about getting pregnant. It's about having healthy kids. And, you know, turning off shitty jeans. And I got an email from Chris kresser. Follow him. And he was like, you know, is the millenniums the canary in the coal mine? Are they the ones? You know?

Unknown Speaker 33:12
Yeah, they're, they're literally getting, you know, sicker chronic disease earlier than, you know, the Gen X's, the baby boomers, like, what's, what's going on there. And then, like my, like our kids that are generation Zed, AND, OR Z, whatever you want to call was awestruck, Generation Z. Even worse, so

Unknown Speaker 33:37
yeah. Like it's gonna be, yeah. But hopefully, we can inspire a large large handful of men and women to sort the shit out. But that's it for us today. Thank you once again for joining us on The infertile diagnosis. And we will see you next week. I don't know what we're going to talk about. I haven't planned that far ahead yet. But we are looking forward to having you back. Thanks again, Sarah, for joining us, and we'll see you guys soon. A few more things before you go. If you like what we're doing, please leave a review and or a rating. We would greatly appreciate it and it would totally help us out. Also, if you'd like to connect with either of us. You can find me Monica over at mine mindful me.com And you can connect with Sarah over on fab fertil.com All the links you need to find us on our websites or social media, any products we talk about book special offers or any guests that we have on you're going to find all that information in the show notes. So that's it. Thank you once again for being with us here on the infertile diagnosis and have a beautiful day



1:54 McDonald's French Fries - 8:04 YouTube clip I'm on about:

You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s French Fries Again After Watching This

How Nasty are McDonald's Fries?

What you’re eating when you eat McDonald’s, French Fries

9:26 Pineapple Core
14:23 Pomegranate Juice
16:46 Keeping Your Feet Warm
19:18 Taking any & every Supplement
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Anything written or said about health and diet are my opinions, that I have formed over the years, through trial and error, study, reading, listening and observing. What worked for me may not work for you. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician and all medical advice should be gotten from a qualified professional. Product recommendations are based on what I used during my infertility journey or wish I had.



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