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Circle & Bloom Guided Visualization and Meditation to Help Increase Your Chances of Getting & Stay Pregnant.

fertility tips Sep 21, 2021

Pure desperation lead me to Circle & Bloom, right before what would become my second failed IVF.

Meditation and visualisation were still incredibly hard for me - sitting still for 10 minutes and not over analysing everything were painful & if I'm truly honest, I still didn't believe in...

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Increase Your Chances of Getting & Staying Pregnant 5 Top Tips

fertility tips Jul 06, 2021

Topics Discussed:




Apple Cider Vinegar

Bone Broth

Hello Beautiful! There’s a lot of different opinions & studies out there about how to increase your chances of Getting Pregnant the facts on caffeine, filter water, alcohol, apple cider vinegar and bone broth and...

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How can yoga help you get pregnant?

fertility tips Jun 28, 2021


Do you find yoga to be boring AF?


I did! For a really long time.


But did you know the yoga can increased pregnancy rates by 175%



Society taught us that when we exercising, we should be sweating and pushing yourselves really hard. And yoga is anything but...

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5 Infertility, IVF & Fertility Treatments Superstitions & Myths Debunked

fertility tips Jun 15, 2021

Topics Discussed: 

Pineapple Core

Pomegranate Juice

Keeping Your Feet Warm

Fertility Supplements

McDonald's French Fries

You better believe I tried any and every superstition & myth related to IVF & infertility during my journey. Why not - they weren't going to do my body any harm -...

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Drunk and Pregnant 😵

fertility tips Jun 06, 2021

You know that girl who gets DRUNK & PREGNANT  [b*tch]

That was me 4 years ago almost to the day. 

 YEP- I WAS DRUNK & PREGNANT! Drinking beer for the first time in years! 

2 months after my miscarriage I went on a girls weekend to Palma & got drunk as fu*k. I...

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The Link Between Adrenal Fatigue & Fertility

fertility tips May 12, 2021

The Link Between Adrenal Fatigue & Fertility

Is blog post is taken from Week 9 of The Fertility Formulaan easy, six-step online program that can help boost your fertility naturally & make your DREAMS of growing your family, come true.

I break down the importance of your...

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Can Thyroid Problems Cause Infertility?

fertility tips Apr 26, 2021

Can Thyroid Problems Cause Infertility?

The Mayo Clinic, states that low levels of thyroid hormone can interfere with the release of an egg from your ovary (ovulation), which impairs fertility. In addition, some of the underlying causes of hypothyroidism — such as certain autoimmune or...

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How Do I know I Ovulated?

fertility tips Jul 30, 2020

How many times have you P'd in a cup or on a stick?

How many times has this given you useful information that you can use to empower yourself & make changes on how you proceed on your path to parenthood?

Many times tests are just a snap-shot in time or don't give us the whole picture we need...

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How Many Days After Your Period Do You Ovulate?

fertility tips Jul 30, 2020

Let's talk FLOW and everything you NEED to know.

Like; how many days after your period do you ovulate?

This should be the first thing you learn as a young woman, but unfortunately for many of us, it wasn't.

Understanding your flow & figuring out if you are having a healthy cycle is...

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Surviving the Two Week Wait When You're Trying to Conceive

fertility tips Feb 10, 2020
The two-week wait can be hard and trying not to overthink the "Two Week Wait Symptoms" is even harder. Whether you've been trying natural or have needed medical assistance, the days waiting to take a pregnancy test can be awful.
But they don't have to be!
You can...
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