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I'm Feeling Worse After Starting an Autoimmune Paleo [AIP] Diet

fertility tips Jan 03, 2021

You're doing EVERYTHING right, but it seems like your gut health isn't improving or it's getting worse! It's always important to keep watching how your body is reacting, even on a "clean diet!"

I know this can feel VERY frustrating because you're doing an amazing job & putting in the hard...

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How Do I know I Ovulated?

fertility tips Jul 30, 2020

How many times have you P'd in a cup or on a stick?

How many times has this given you useful information that you can use to empower yourself & make changes on how you proceed on your path to parenthood?

Many times tests are just a snap-shot in time or don't give us the whole picture we need...

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What You Need To Know About Ovulation

fertility tips Jul 30, 2020

Let's talk FLOW and everything you NEED to know.

This should be the first thing you learn as a young woman, but unfortunately for many of us, it wasn't.

Understanding your flow & figuring out if you are having a healthy cycle.

Your flow starts when conception has not occurred Your...

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Surviving the Two Week Wait When You're Trying to Conceive

fertility tips Feb 10, 2020
The two-week wait can be hard and trying not to overthink the "Two Week Wait Symptoms" is even harder. Whether you've been trying natural or have needed medical assistance, the days waiting to take a pregnancy test can be awful.
But they don't have to be!
You can...
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Unexplained Secondary Infertility

fertility tips Nov 25, 2019
You’ve had a baby (congratulations)! Maybe it wasn’t planned or you know the exact moment of conception – either way, you’ve done it once and you’ve now set out to do it again.
But the same formula that worked before isn’t working and the...
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