6 Step to Increase Your Egg Quality

fertility tips Dec 29, 2021

Do you believe that you can increase your egg quality?⁣

There’s a sh*t myth out there that has been leading women to believe that their age & their genetics are the only things that control the quality of their eggs. Well, Functional Fertility Health is here to call BS on the myth that you can’t do anything to improve your egg quality.⁣

NOTHING in your body stays the same from the moment you’re created, so why the f*ck are we believing that our egg quality can’t change. Your body is always regenerating, healing itself, trying to get back into homeostasis - your liver can repair itself with the right TLC, your inner lining of the intestines replenishing itself every 2 to 4 weeks & your skin can regenerate after you burn the shit out of it! ⁣


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Cells are constantly sending & receiving signals to and from their environment.  Cells can sense whether they have enough nutrients, energy, oxygen, and anything else they need to grow and proliferate. When long-term nutrient deficiencies &/or stressful conditions occur, cells can become damaged and oxidative stress can become rampant throughout the body - causing fertility issues & low egg quality.

Think of your cells as the pot in which you need to NURTURE your chromosomes, DNA, genes & protein.  While you may have been born with a certain set of genes, it's your environment [cells] that can dictate how your genes express themselves.

When you put a seed in a pot you’ve got at least a little information about how to nurture and grow into the desired plant. You most likely don’t just put your seed in the pot, cross your fingers and hope for the best - well I guess you can but results may vary!

When you figure out what the right diet & lifestyle your cells need, you can start improving all areas of your health - including your eggs!! 

At 27 I had very poor egg quality, along with High NK Cells [they basically came as a package]. At the time they called it unexplained infertility, but after dramatically lowering my inflammation & oxidative stress I got pregnant naturally at 36.⁣ UHMMMMM - WTF!!!

Download your FREE PDF guide :: 3 Steps You Need To Get Right to Improve Your Chances of Getting & Staying Pregnant 

Let's look at some facts about your eggs:

🦩The human egg, or ovum, is one of the largest cells in the human body.

🦩The immature egg is a single cell released from the ovaries, which is capable of developing into a new organism when fertilized with a sperm cell. 

🦩The ovum itself has a central nucleus that contains the female’s genetic material; Surrounding the nucleus is a cell plasma, or yolk, that contains nutritional elements essential to the developing egg cell.


Stop guessing what you need to do to improve your egg quality! Check out The Finding Fertility Formula & discover how to create the family of your DREAMS today! The Formula goes in-depth in the six steps you need to take to improve your egg quality & almost everything else related to your fertility issues:

🤩 Diet: Ditch the "fertility diets" & get on the RIGHT diet for you. The key is to find what foods work & don't work and then maximise with a variety of clean real food! 

🤩 Rest & Recovery: Your body needs time to heal & recover! Find ways to reduce your stress levels - Slow the fu*k down - rest & sleep is a must! Explore old traumas & work on your mental health!

🤩 Exercise: Give your adrenals a rest & stop hitting the gym so hard! Discover the right type & amount of exercise you need to get baby ready. 

🤩 Awareness: Save time & money! Your fertility issues might not have anything to do with your lady bits! Start to focus on the areas your body needs to improve to help restore your fertility!

🤩 Mindset: The #1 thing missing from your journey. Discover how to improve your mindset & manage your stress to increase your chances of bringing home baby.

🤩 Supplementation: Use a targeted approach to boost your fertility with the right supplements & foods. Start maximising your fertility health today!

Other important steps you might need to take that The Formula gives you in-depth information & action steps to take:

🤩 Detoxi & eliminate environmental toxins.

🤩 Heal your gut! Investigate if you have any hidden bugs, parasites or SIBO if you're having major issues. 

🤩 Give your body time to heal & repair. Remember it takes a minimum of three months for an egg to mature.

 🤩 Build your support team - Get community support & your personal functional Fertility Health Coach guidance within The Formula today!

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