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Don't Overlook the Impact of Stress, Trauma, Birth Control & Gut Health on Your Fertility Health 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Jun 02, 2023

“It’s doable, and it comes down to your willingness and level of commitment to keep walking thorough.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of support in pregnancy and postpartum.

How to identify your stored trauma and focus on healing it.

The importance of caring for your...

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How to Keep Moving Forward and Multiple Failed IUIs & IVFs 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Apr 14, 2023

“Not seeing the results that you want from your diet is a big sign that’s not the right diet for you.”

Topics Discussed:

Using spirituality to connect with your higher self.

The importance of gut healing and having a food sensitivity test.

How to be curious and explore...

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Top Two Things to Look into When Dealing with Thyroid Issues [Hashimoto's] and Infertility🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls podcast Mar 03, 2023

Top Two Things to Look into When Dealing with Thyroid Issues [Hashimoto's] and Infertility [Podcast Discovery Call]

“People have gone into remission with Hashimoto’s by diet and lifestyle changes; it’s completely reversible.”

Topics Discussed:

Give your body time to boost...

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What to do When You’re Dealing with Unexplained Infertility and Failed IVFs 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Feb 10, 2023

“When people don’t understand infertility is not because they don’t want you in their lives anymore; they just don’t understand your situation.”

Topics Discussed:

Finding the root cause of your thyroid issues.

The difference an auto-immune paleo diet can make in...

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Discovering Your Type of PCOS and How to Improve Your Egg Quality 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Jan 23, 2023

“If you subconsciously believe you can’t get pregnant because that’s what your doctor told you, then it’s harder to make that happen in the physical realm.”

Topics Discussed:

The impact of your subconscious beliefs on your fertility.

Benefits of lowering...

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Can SIBO & Gut Health Issues Be Impacting Your IVF Success 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Jan 13, 2023

“The one thing IVF and IUI cannot do for you at this moment is improve your egg quality; only you can do that.”

Topics Discussed:

Holistic herbal ways to get rid of SIBO.

The importance of improving your egg quality.

Give your body time to heal and surrender that you’re not...

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Top Ways to Lose Weight, Improve Your Fertility and Boost Egg Quality 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Dec 22, 2022

“It makes the journey a little bit easier when you’re surrounded by people who are either going through the same thing and understand you or people who have been through the same thing and understand you.”


Topics Discussed:


How to be consistent with your diet to...

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How to Improve PCOS & Boost Your Fertility 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Dec 01, 2022

“The 20/80 kind of mentality when it comes to food intolerances during your healing phase just prolongs your journey.”

Topics Discussed:

How to be conscious of the quality of your diet.

Take time to rest, recover, and heal your body.

Be prepared and consistent with things that...

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Hashimoto’s, Infertility & How the Autoimmune Paleo Diet {AIP} is Only One Piece of the Puzzle 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Nov 10, 2022

“When it comes to gut health, the first thing is elimination; you have to eliminate the food and the toxins that are creating the inflammation.”

Topics Discussed:

Amplifying healing with targeted supplementation for prolonged gut problems.

Figure out what foods work for you even...

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Where to go when your Fertility Doctor won’t listen to you

Fertility doctors hold a special place within the community & are a great resource when medical assistance is truly needed [or just wanted]. But many women dealing with fertility issues are facing dead ends when their fertility doctors won’t listen to their growing concerns. 


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