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Surrendering to the Journey Towards Conscious Motherhood 🦩Podcast Discovery Call Part Two

discovery calls May 17, 2024

“If you hang your heart on the success of pregnancy, you will feel like you’re failing all the time, so celebrate those small wins.”

Topics Discussed:

The power of surrendering to the fertility journey.

Impact of past achievements and societal pressures on fertility health.


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Overcoming Miscarriages& Embracing Holistic Health 🦩Podcast Discovery Call Part 1

discovery calls May 10, 2024

“If you don’t address the root cause of what’s going on in its minimum, it’s just going to get worse.”

Topics Discussed:

Holistic health optimization for fertility.

The impact of cellular health on your fertility.

How to shift your mindset and get time back....

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Pregnant at 40+ after Infertility & Failed IVFs - Finding Fertility Success Story

discovery calls podcast Mar 15, 2024

Pregnant at 40+ after Infertility & Failed IVFs - Finding Fertility Success Story

"We show up to a fertility journey how we've shown up to the rest of our lives. Almost 100% of my clients that I work one-on-one just like you... You've always been able to achieve whatever you want. We don't...

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The Power of Emotional Release: Overcoming Fertility Struggles 🦩Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Jan 12, 2024

“If you know how to take care of your cellular health, the age doesn’t really play a factor until you get much older in life.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of healing the root cause of fertility issues.

Slow down and start healing before moving forward.

How to heal and...

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Unveiling The Hidden Pathways to Healing and Fertility 🦩Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Dec 22, 2023

“Miscarriages are way bigger than people think, and we do not have the support to release the emotion mentally and physically around this.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of diet and lifestyle changes.

Challenges and benefits of the AIP diet.

Gut issues and detoxification system....

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Can Addressing Past Traumas Improve Fertility? – A Deep Dive into Emotional Healing During Infertility - 🦩Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Nov 17, 2023

“When we’re dealing with miscarriages, we need to honor the heartbreak mentally, emotionally, and physically.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of self-care and emotional healing after a miscarriage.

The need for radical self-honesty and prioritizing yourself.

The mindset...

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Navigating Infertility and Creating a Meaningful Life 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Oct 27, 2023

“The race to a finish line and to know what your fate might be is almost hindering you from getting to your ultimate goal.”

Topics Discussed:

The impact of self-sacrifice on fertility.

The pressure of timelines in IVF.

The connection between childhood experiences and high-achieving...

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Can Emotional Healing Unlock Your Fertility Potential? 🦩Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Oct 06, 2023

“The more you open that lid, your universe shifts, and the baby becomes the cherry on top.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of looking at your small wins and celebrating them.

Thyroid as a symptom of underlying health issues.

How emotional issues can impact fertility just as...

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Exploring The Emotional and Energetic Factors Affecting Fertility 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Sep 08, 2023

“Whether your kid is adopted, an egg donor, or a biological one, your energy and what you’re doing will go on them because they trust you.”

Topics Discussed:

Underlying health issues and personality traits affecting fertility.

The subconscious blocks and beliefs about...

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How to Reverse Secondary Infertility 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Jun 23, 2023

“Sometimes it’s going to take a long time when you’re trying to figure it out by yourself, and then sometimes, it just takes time.”

Topics Discussed:

The importance of addressing the root cause of fertility issues.

The challenges of motherhood and the lack of support.


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