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Unlocking Spiritual Fertility: Connect with Your Spirit Baby with Christel Part Two

podcast Jun 14, 2024

"The more you are connected to yourself, the more the spirit baby can merge with you; it's like they're merging with your energy."

Topics Discussed:

Importance of self-connection and intuition in fertility.

How to grieve miscarriages and welcome healing.

Dreams, multiple souls, and energetic...

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Spiritual Side of Fertility: The Concept of Connecting with Future Souls with Christel Part One

podcast Jun 07, 2024

“There are so many souls that want to be born, and 80% of those are born by attraction, which means that they usually don't have the preparation to come to earth.”

Topics Discussed:

Spiritual perspectives on conception.

The concept of souls choosing their parents.


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The Best Tips for Meal Prepping and Maintaining a Healthy Diet During Infertility

podcast May 31, 2024

"Just showing up for yourself is more than most people are doing. You are taking control of your life, not only for your fertility and your future family." 

Topics Discussed:

How to celebrate progress and show yourself grace.

Subconscious reprogramming to support lifestyle changes.


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How to Transform Your Breakfast& Mindset for Fertility Success

podcast May 24, 2024

"Live in the reality that there is an abundance of things you can do to shift out of that reality you don't want to be in."

Topics Discussed:

Practical tips for meal prepping breakfast to support fertility.

Shift your mindset and adopt gratitude amidst fertility challenges.

Adopt an abundance...

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A Holistic Fertility Journey Beyond Reproductive Health with Cultivate Fertility Part Two

podcast May 03, 2024

“When we can remove some of these obstacles in our minds and hearts that we just don’t have enough space for healing, women get juicy again.”

Topics Discussed:

The potential of rapid healing and transformation.

Societal perceptions and comparisons in fertility.

The impact of...

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Empowering Your Fertility Journey with Functional Medicine& Emotional Healing with Cultivate Fertility Part One

podcast Apr 26, 2024

"It's not about punishment or lack of desire. It's about examining the deeper thoughts and traumas that might be holding you back from fertility."

Topics Discussed:

How to stand in your power and trust your intuition.

Challenges with traditional fertility treatments and medical gaslighting.


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Unlocking the Mysteries of Spirit Babies: A Soulful Journey to Parenthood with Abigail White Part Two

podcast Apr 19, 2024

"The waiting room is all about having a faith that's deeper than anything else and celebrating everything."

Topics Discussed:

Connection between cellular health and vibrational frequency.

Choices of souls to incarnate into different life experiences.

The impact of societal shifts on health and...

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Can Spirit Babies Influence Your Journey to Motherhood with Abigail White Part One

podcast Apr 12, 2024

“Sometimes knowing about spirit babies will be helpful, and sometimes knowing that they are there can be just as much of a detriment as knowing anything else.”

Topics Discussed:

The concept of spirit babies. 

The influence of spirit babies on parenting and individuality. 


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Is This What Is REALLY Keeping You Stuck in Infertility Hell?

podcast Mar 29, 2024

“If you want to get pregnant naturally, you have to improve your cellular health, diet, and stress levels.”

Topics Discussed:

How your subconscious mind keeps you safe.

How to use psyche to unpack the subconscious mind’s blocking.

The impact of lack of self-love and...

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Is Vegan a Good Diet to Boost Your Fertility when Dealing with Infertility?

podcast Mar 22, 2024

“It’s much better to have a balance of cooked and raw food, but from a functional medicine standpoint, your stomach has to work harder to digest raw food.”

Topics Discussed:

Why the Inspirational Meal Plan is for pure inspiration.

How to get clear about your food intolerances....

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