3 Tests Your Fertility Doctor Might Not Think About Doing When You're Dealing with Infertility

fertility tips Nov 30, 2022

Let's talk about how your fertility issues MIGHT NOT have anything to do with your lady bits. 


Let me say that again. 


Your fertility issues have NOTHING to do with your lady bits!


How do I know that?




Your doctor has run ALL THE TESTS, you've done every invasive procedure [including IVF] & you still don't have an answer & maybe even worse, you still don't have a baby in your arms.


Everything seems to be in working order, yet it's not working 😏



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I have NEVER had a client whose fertility issues had anything to do with their lady bits!


But more importantly, I've been able to discover the root cause of EVERY client I've worked with and guided her to take the necessary steps to improve eqq quality and increase her chances of success. Many are holding their babies today 🥰


I don't always need to use functional testing, but when I do, these 3 tests help me dig deeper into your fertility issues:



1️⃣Food Sensitivity. This is the number one thing you can do for your fertility health. Finding the right diet for you & eliminating inflammatory foods is key! This will help improve your gut health.


2️⃣Stool Testing. Improving your gut health can be a game-changer when it comes to your fertility issues. Identifying infections, parasites & “silent” gut dysfunction can help to lower inflammation throughout your whole body.


3️⃣Comprehensive Thyroid Panel. Do you feel like there's an issue with your thyroid? Like you have a few symptoms, but the docs say everything okay?


OR. You're dealing with ʜʏᴘᴏᴛʜʏʀᴏɪᴅɪsᴍ, but your doctor isn't linking those two together. 🤯 UHHMMMM: 


Your thyroid is part of your Endocrine System. Your ovaries are also a part of your Endocrine System. Your Endocrine System is a system that should work altogether. If one thing is off, it's highly likely something else is being affected. Your thyroid issues can 1000% be one of the main reasons for your fertility issues.


Make sure you & your doctor know the differences between “Optimal Lab Ranges” Vs “Regular Lab Ranges”


Test, don’t Guess! Functional Testing offers the ability to uncover underlying root causes that may be holding you back from creating your dream family! 


There's two ways to gain access to Function fertility testing: Discover more about the 1:1 Personal Coaching & the Formula Group Coaching.


Let's Do This Together 💚



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