Top Ways to Improve Egg Quality & Make This The Year You Get and Stay Pregnant

fertility tips Jan 07, 2022

Over this four-part podcast series, I go through the Top Ways to Improve Egg Quality & Make 2022 The Year You Get and Stay Pregnant!! When the doctors are telling you there’s nothing you can do, Finding Fertility is guiding you through proven strategies to improve all aspects of your fertility health.

You're ready to stop guessing and start taking the right steps [for YOU] to improve your egg quality, get pregnant and bring home baby!! At the core of Finding Fertility is one simple idea: a no BS approach to support you in making simple changes in six specific areas that are proven to improve your chances of getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and creating the family of your DREAMS!

Part One: Top Ways to Improve Egg Quality & Make 2022 Your Year You Get and Stay Pregnant

Topics Discussed:

🦩How to set yourself up for success

🦩How to take steps back, take a breath and move forward in the right direction

🦩Figuring it all out doesn't have to be a struggle

🦩Tops 3 Tips to start doing today!

90% of the woman who come into the Finding Fertility family are already working with functional medicine doctors, but with a Functional Fertility Coach's support, I'm able to see key areas that may have been overlooked. This is due to personal experiences, something many doctors can't learn! 

Wherever you are in the world and whatever stage you're at in your journey, The Formula gives you the action steps you need to get steps closer to creating the family of your DREAMS! Get Eight Days FREE Access Today!

Part Two: Top Ways to Improve Egg Quality & Make 2022 Your Year You Get and Stay Pregnant

Topics Discussed:

🦩Discovering Your Perfect Fertility Diet & how to build on changes you've already made

🦩The importance of committing to a 30-day challenge 

🦩Setting Achievable Goals 

🦩The Importance of meal planning 

🦩Rethinking your supplement intake

Start taking the six vital steps you need to overcome your fertility issues. The Formula is an exclusive ten-week online program packed full of EVERYTHING I did to get pregnant naturally, using science-backed Functional Fertility Medicine. You'll discover the methods I take with my 1:1 clients without the high price tag! Start boosting your fertility naturally, by maximizing all areas of your fertility today! Get Eight Days FREE Access Today!

Part Three: Top Ways to Improve Egg Quality & Make 2022 Your Year You Get and Stay Pregnant

Topics Discussed:

🦩The mind-body connection

🦩How your thoughts impact your fertility

🦩Slowing the fu*k down - dealing with anxiety & depression

🦩How to detox your life & discovering hidden stressor factors

🦩Discovering the right movement & finding  JOY

🦩Dealing with past traumas 

What You Can Expect:

A no BS approach & support from a qualified Functional Fertility Coach who not only gets what you're going through but came out the other side a happier, healthier mama to two beautiful baby boys.

You'll be able to say goodbye to Dr. Google and feel confident that you're taking the right steps [using science-backed functional medical] for YOU & your baby to be! 

A sense of clarity and confidence that you are taking the right steps for your body! You'll know what's working for you and what isn't, understand your mental blocks & how to recognise when you're self-sabotaging!

You won't feel so overwhelmed by it all! You'll start to feel confident that you don't have to be perfect to get & stay pregnant!

You'll start to find the JOY in the now, rediscover the person you were before, and start becoming the mama bear you've always wanted to be. Get Eight Days FREE Access Today!

Part Four: Top Ways to Improve Egg Quality & Make 2022 Your Year You Get and Stay Pregnant

Topics Discussed:

🦩The importance of sleep & discovering the RIGHT morning/night routine for you.

🦩Maximising your gut, thyroid, adrenals & live functions [remember: your infertility might have nothing to do with your lady bits!]

🦩Fertility boosting foods and supplements to look into AFTER you've limited your intolerances.

🦩Troubleshooting. What to do when you feel like your diet and lifestyle isn't working!

Build on the holistic fertility support you've already put into place! 

Your body was designed to carry your baby. And there’s so much you can do — right now, from the comfort of your home — to make your dream of starting a family, come true. To arm yourself with the education, action, resources, and support, that can improve your chances of finally: finding fertility. Get Eight Days FREE Access Today!

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Caffeine & Alcohol

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