Common Issues with Fertility Diet Changes || Q&A Part 2

podcast May 21, 2021

"Start with where you are at."

Topics Discussed:

🦩Why you feel like crap when you start an autoimmune diet.

🦩How fast should you cut out unhealthy foods?

🦩Histamine foods, what they are, and if you should have them.

🦩Natural laxatives.

🦩Are juice cleanses necessary?

When you start eating right it’s not uncommon to feel really bad at first.  Our bodies are going through a big change, and you can have withdrawals when you come off of certain foods like sugar or caffeine. 

This is completely normal.  This is also why it is important to start where you are and not rush the process.  Depending on how addicted we are to certain unhealthy foods we may need to wean ourselves off it rather than going cold turkey.

"Usually, the last thing to click into place is your fertility."

In addition, as we change this process our bodies are cleaning themselves.  This may lead to either too many bowel movements or not enough so I am talking about how to naturally get things moving with that or how you may need to cut out certain items to slow it down.  I also tackle juice cleanses.  They have grown so much in popularity but are they really necessary and is juice cleansing really a thing?

"You have to find your balance."

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