Q&A || Dealing with Low AMH, Unexplained Infertility & All Things Autoimmune Paleo

podcast Dec 18, 2020

“Keep that belief in yourself.”

Topics Discussed:⁣⁠⁣⁠
🦩How long should you stay on diets?

🦩Can you eat a vegetarian diet and get pregnant?

🦩Caffeine intake and its effects on the fertility journey.


Hello Beautiful, 

In this episode, I'm sharing a live Q&A that I hosted on Instagram.  All the questions came from our wonderful community and I wanted to take a moment to address some excellent questions.  

“Find the right thing that you need.”

In our Q&A session, we talk about a variety of topics ranging from how long you should stay on your diet to how to find out what foods you are intolerant to, and how to add variety into your diet.

We also talk about meat and whether you can be a vegetarian or vegan and still make progress in your fertility journey. 

“Give yourself time.” 

Too often we judge different food lifestyles and beliefs, but instead, we need to focus on how to still get all the things we need while holding true to the diet that we find works for us.


Let's Do This Together



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