How to Deal With the Lows of Infertility

podcast Mar 05, 2021

“Motherhood doesn’t define us.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩Focusing inward on our journey.

🦩The importance of focusing on your mindset.

🦩Finding your value.

🦩Maintaining sanity during this pandemic. 

On today's episode of the  Finding Fertility Podcast :: How to Deal With the Lows of Infertility

We know that this journey of infertility can be extremely difficult.  It can cause us to question our very worth.  It causes us to question if we have a purpose if we are unable to get pregnant and brings our womanhood into question. 

But I am here to tell you in this episode that motherhood does not define you as a whole.  You are worth so much, and you have so much to give outside of children.  We can wrap our identities up so much into getting pregnant that we forget our value aside from that.

“The number one thing missing from your diet is your mindset.”

In this episode, I dive into the importance of recognizing our worth.  In addition, I talk about our mindset. When it comes to issues that we find as we begin to take tests on why we are infertile, the root of it almost always comes back around to an unhealthy diet, mindset, and lifestyle.  When we begin to focus on those three key areas, often the underlying problems relating to our infertility disappear.  

“You don’t have to be perfect to get pregnant.”

It can be overwhelming when we think of taking on all those three main things, diet,  mindset, and lifestyle, especially when put on top of the pandemic we are in, and our infertility.  But it doesn’t have to be all at once. 

Focus on one small step you can take to move towards a healthier diet or lifestyle.  Get comfortable with that one thing, then add one other thing in, and begin to slow step your way towards a healthier you.

“There are simple ways you can start moving your body.’


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