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How to Increase Ovulation Naturally

podcast Jan 15, 2021

"You influence how your genes react."

Topics Discussed:

🦩What causes high natural killer cells.

🦩Finding your food intolerances.

🦩What it looks like to confirm three months in a row that you are ovulating around the same time for you, and confirm with Proov

🦩How much should you exercise?

On today's episode of the  Finding Fertility Podcast :: How to Increase Ovulation Naturally

In this episode, I wanted to address some questions that have been asked of me and get to the root of some common problems that we face with infertility. 

"You need a healthy endocrine system to have healthy hormones."

Gut health is one of the most important places to start, and when we have infertility issues, we need to look there first. Often when we have high natural killer cells, it is a direct result of poor gut health. While it needs to be addressed, we have to realize that it's not a direct fault of our own, but we are not raised to understand gut health and most typical diets don't do much to promote a healthy gut.

"Diet is one of the top ways we are damaging our gut."

The good news is we can begin to make changes to turn our gut health around. The first step to reversing your gut health in a positive direction is being tested for food intolerances. 

It is tough to get your gut health on track without first taking this step because we can't pinpoint what foods are causing inflammation in your body until a food intolerance test takes place.

Finally, in this Q&A, I wrap up with a question on exercise, and how much if any should we be doing?  

I know this may seem like a no-brainer question, but in reality, some types of exercises place much stress on the adrenals, which are counter-intuitive to what we are trying to accomplish. 

"You need a little kumbaya in your life."


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