One Of The Easiest Ways To Improve Your Fertility Health

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

There are about 101 things you can do to improve your fertility health, in saying that here's so much to do, it can be overwhelming and you might find yourself doing nothing. ⁣⁠
So let's start with WATER. ⁠⁣⁠
You know you need to drink more of it - that's not what I want to talk about today.

It's the quality of your water that's of the utmost importance & its hands down one of the easiest things you can do to improve your fertility health.

If you're drinking a lot of water & it’s full of fluoride, pharmaceuticals, perfluorinated chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, chloramines, pharmaceuticals or pesticides it’s not doing you much good- right!?!⁣⁠
We do not yet know ALL the health hazards associated with the chemicals put into our water, but I think it's safe to say, we know enough to realize that we shouldn't be drinking a load of water full of chemicals! ⁣⁠
Many of these substances are known endocrine disruptors - which in layman's terms means it can affect thyroid function - which affects growth, development, metabolism & fertility health. ⁠⁣⁠

You can check out what goes into your water at the Environmental Working Group’s Tap Water Database

So what are your options?

Glass Bottled water:

🦩Safe & delicious, but very expensive & not great for the environment long term.


Plastic Bottled Water: 

❌Plastic bottles can leach phthalates. Also, many times the plastic bottled water you are buying is sourced from tap water and have the same contaminants.


Gravity-based Filter like the Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter.

🦩These are stainless containers that sit on your counter, which you have to manually fill up. You will need to buy replacement filters every 6-12 months & you can't wash your fruits and vegetables with it - unless you put it over your sink.


Brita Filter or other Pitcher/Water Bottle Filter:

❌These filters don’t remove or reduce heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, fluoride, or endocrine disruptors. 


Multi-stage under the counter filter:

🦩These are permanently placed under your sink. You can drink straight from the tap & wash your food without a care in the world ;) You will need to buy replacement filters about every 12 months. I hear the top two under the counter filters are the ULTRA-UC Undercounter Filter from PureEffect & the Radiant Life 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System.



Drink water from the tap a plastic bottle or a Brita water filter if you're at a friends house or out and about and that's the only thing on offer. When I talk about the importance of drinking clean water, I'm really on about your main consistent source of water.

Don't dehydrate your body on that random occasion you don't have access to your holy-goodness filtered water. The fluoride, pharmaceuticals, perfluorinated chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals and endocrine disruptors build up over time & that's when your body is like WTF! One drink of unfiltered water should be no big deal!!

We personal went with a gravity-based water filter over 5 years ago & still have it to this day! You can check out a few different Gravity-based water filters at my Amazon Shop in the Fertility Safe Cooking section ✌🏽

Hope you're staying physically & mental health during these difficult times. Don't hesitate to reach out  - [email protected]

Let’s do it together 💚


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