Increase Your Chances of Getting & Staying Pregnant 5 Top Tips

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There are a lot of different opinions & studies out there about how to increase your chances of Getting Pregnant, the facts on caffeine, filter water, alcohol, apple cider vinegar and bone broth and whether you should or shouldn’t when you’re trying to conceive.

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Getting a clear-cut answer is not easy because there’s no one way for everyone as you know by now. But there are a few ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting & Staying Pregnant if used correctly!

During infertility, we’re looking always looking for a way to improve increase chances of getting pregnant. Caffeine, Water, Alcohol, Apple Cider Vinegar & Bone Broth are amongst the top dos and don’ts when increasing your chances. 

Sarah and I lay out the facts about these five different liquids and help you decide whether or not you add them, keep them or get them out of your life during your fertility journey.

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Thank you for joining me for another episode of the finding fertility podcast. I want to remind you that every Tuesday I re launch one of my favourite episodes that we've done in the past. So if you hear any funny dates, offers or even the podcast being called the infertile diagnosis, this is why I hope you forgive me for this and enjoy the amazing content we're putting out here on the podcast. And whenever you're ready for more guided support, make sure you go over to the website and check out the fertility formula. This is where I take you through the six vital steps you need to overcome your fertility issues. The formula is an exclusive 10 week online programme packed full of everything I did to get pregnant naturally, using science backed functional medicine, you'll discover the method I take with my one to one clients without the high price tag. start boosting your fertility naturally by maximising all areas of your health. Today, the monthly membership includes special access to me your fertility health coach, so check it out over at the website, www dot finding backslash fertility formula. Hello beautiful people and welcome to another episode of The infertile diagnosis.

I'm your host Monica Cox, along with Sarah Clark, and we here to support, inspire and educate those who are all consumed with the label of infertility. We totally know how you're feeling both Sarah and I were diagnosed with a form of infertility before we hit our 30s we let the fertility experts dictate our past and ignored what our bodies were trying to tell us for far too long. So here we are helping you take control of your infertile diagnosis.

This episode of The infertile diagnosis is sponsored by the baby me journal. Now, if you follow me over on Instagram, you've seen this journal maybe once or twice, but do you know the story behind it, I started to create this journal for myself. Right before my third and last frozen embryo transfer. I have been doing some mental work and I use the five minute journal and I really wanted a space where I can keep track of my meds, my supplements, my eating habits, my sleep, and also write once a day what was positive about that day. Now I didn't realise how important this journal was going to be for me, because my third embryo transfer ended up in early miscarriage. And we were blindsided because we thought we had cracked the code. We had our IVF baby, we had our diet, we had our lifestyle, we had our mindset, and obviously we can't control everything in life. So we thought that was the end of our journey. But two months later, I found out I was pregnant naturally for the first time in eight years. Now even though I was super joyful and incredibly happy that all my hard work of my diet and my lifestyle paid off. I was really pissed off. I was so mad that the knowledge that we can have a lot of control over our fertility health just wasn't out there. So the baby me journal really helped me through these ups and downs that I was having. I truly saw the importance of trying your best and looking for the small positive things you have going on in your life. The baby me journal can be used over three years. And I hear you saying that girl, I hope my journey is not three years long. And me too. That's why I designed the journal to be used at any stage of your journey and when you get pregnant, and when you have your baby. So you can continue this practice of very simple but yet effective mindfulness for three years. It's not surely amazing to look back at the end of my journey and see all the ups and downs and see all the small things that I was truly grateful for. You can check out the baby me journal over on the website at my mindful

Welcome to our second q&a. I get a lot of questions. I'm sure you do too, about all the different liquids that is out there for fertility, right whether you should or you shouldn't so like water, coffee, green tea, bone broth, apple cider vinegar.

And alcohol those are kind of like the top ones and there is a lot of conflicting research or opinions on whether you should you shouldn't what you should do with that so we kind of wanted to just come in here and give you the facts about them from a functional medicine standpoint. So let's start with filter water this is my number one thing the easiest thing you can do for your facility health you agree absolutely absolutely. Yeah so gets the if you're not hydrated the the the sperm will not get to the egg so it is crucial for your cervical mucus to stay hydrated and have purified water Yep, and that's the thing is

there's a lot of shit that comes within our water especially from the taps everyone whoa you know I think I think these are common sense things but we just have to say and because it might not be a common sense thing but drinking a lot of water from a plastic bottle the plastics leach in to the water and then you drink it so it's definitely best to avoid drinking a load of you know water from a plastic bottle

but if you have one every once in a while it's not going to be the be all end all of your health

but yeah, getting a filter on your water at home that and you know having that the main resource of your water is just so key especially with all the fake estrogens like it's you know pumped into the water the you know the chemicals to clean it. The fluoride you know for a lot of you know, a lot of people get pumped in what's your take on all those chemicals in the tap water? Absolutely. Fluoride is not good for your it's people that have hypothyroidism or any kind of thyroid issues. Yeah, and then so I use the Berkey br KY all of that one just gets rid of all those different like there's birth control residue there's, there's Yeah, arsenic and chlorine and fluoride. Also too for your shower tubes a lot of times we're like oh we get the filter in our water but in your shower because you can be absorbing though you can be inhaling the vapours from the from the shower so just get like a $20 filter of the on the showerhead and Berkey has one that that I like yeah the water filter is is huge. For years I drank rain or the tap and thought I was fine but the water when you have filtered water, that's actually great it the work the water the Berkey just tastes like heaven. It just oh it's so hydrating. Whereas

now if you do have a tap water if you have the bottle of water, you can just it's like this dryness that leaves in your your store to get the alkalinity or something is off, but

yeah, get to me, at a minimum, like we don't totally like it, but the Britta you can use that but it's not going to filter everything out but as a cheap first step that would be somewhere somewhere to go. Yeah, I mean, that's what we started with was the Buddha and we got the the same one as you and you just have to get in the habit right like it's a habit building process with making sure you bring your water and a clean canteen or whatever kind of water bottle you want to use. And like you say, once you start feeling silly, not water, it's really hard to go back to any other kind of water because it just doesn't, it does not taste the same. And you know, not everyone necessarily has horrible water. I would say if

you're living in London, we filter the shit out of your water. But you know if you're up in the High Sierras, you know check check where you can go online, all the

all the water plants tell you what they put in your water. So I know in Hawaii I didn't realise I bought fluoride filter before I realised

they don't flow rate their water in Hawaii. Which much dismay to both my dentist and my doctor. They keep asking me if I would like tablets to give to my children. And I'm just sitting there going like second killing me you want me to give? And the thing is, like since we're on fluoride, you know there's you know, fluoride in toothpaste and I feel like you can make a decision on this. Whether you do or don't because hopefully your toothpaste you're not swallowing huge quantities of it. I know you can it can leach into your gums and stuff. But some people do need it like my husband needs fluoride in his toothpaste. He has overactive glands. And so at night he the saliva is crazy and he actually gets plaque really quickly and I've noticed that my eldest

does as well. So I'm not going to give him for made orally, but I will let him use fluoride on his teeth. So I think that's a decision you need to make. Because I do feel like I don't use fluoride, I don't need it on my teeth, my teeth are fine. And if I can avoid it at all costs they do. But if you feel like you need it in your toothpaste, then I personally think that it's alright. But not in your water and as much water as you need to be drinking to stay hydrated. You don't want to be consuming that much, right? Yeah, like it's like, average of eight glasses, but you take your weight divided in half. And then what does it take your weight divided in half. And then whenever that comes out two ounces, not any divided by

the calculation now. This is why people get so fucked up about like all these do's and don'ts.

I just say like, get 20 ounces of like a bottle and just if you can finish that in a day. And if you have a little bit extra, if you need if you're exercising, you're not but there is a specific calculation. Depending on your your weight. Yeah, obviously the you'll be putting on your weight, you'll need more or less. But yeah, it's like first drinking it because I for years was, you know, I drink probably one thing of water a day and pee once a day and thought that was good. My urine was like the colour of

it was brown. Now it's you know, and the more you drank, it is a pain in the butt you will urinate more, but that's a good thing. You're flushing out the toxins, so

and the more water you drink, the more you'll crave it. Yes, yeah, exactly. I also that my water bottle. But you know, if you have more if you're doing more of those crackers and more breads and things like that, then you need more water. If you're having a lot of salads and fruits and things that have you know, food that has more water in it, you don't need as much. You're drinking a lot having a lot of organic watermelon. Maybe you're getting a lot of water in there.

Yeah, I mean, it's really hard, because I think sometimes this is all just common sense, right? I don't know. So stating the obvious, maybe still needs to be stated like drink water and filter your water. There's shit in it. There's a lot of shit in it.

So coffee, coffee, and I'm going to add green tea to this as well, because I once had a comment from someone saying, I'm not supposed to have any caffeine won't, you know, during my infertility journey journey, so I'm not having green tea. and I were just sitting there. That's what I drink. I had a cup of green tea every single day because the benefits of green tea outweigh the small amount of caffeine that I was getting. But so I'm lumping these in together. But let's go for coffee because I think coffee is

a really big thing for people with infertility. Right? Like, it seems like they're almost the number one thing they don't want to give up. Yeah, there's a whole, you know, alertness and feeling good with having your morning cup of coffee. And so yeah, that can be helpful. But then I see people having, you know, multiple cups of coffee a day, and then they're like, why can't I sleep? But to me,

in a perfect world, we'd say not to have any, any any caffeine. That's what we say. And we'd go on like and and basically, you can do a withdrawal method. If you're having two or three cups of coffee right now do not go cold turkey. You want to do like

half cat like full caffeine with half caf and then

decaf and then sorry, a full full calf and decaf together, and then decaf, then down to green tea and under herbal tea, some of that over the course of 10 days and drink water in between.

But yeah, because it's like there's studies that say one cup of coffee a day is okay. If you're doing IVF like this, it is or with or with IVF but I also need to really see how caffeine impacts you. So I will do have maybe a cup of coffee a week. But there's if you have a genetic snip that maybe you aren't, you know, processing caffeine I if I have if I drink a regular caffeinated coffee, I feel so freakin hyper. I go into like, over over planning mode mode that I'm going to plan and like take on the world. I was like, What are you doing? And I just feel like, like jittery and I can This is gross. I can smell it. My urine when it comes out. I get this like oh my god, I've been like overly caffeinated. So there are people that aren't able to, you know, to really see how it impacts your body. And if you've been having for years and years,

you know two or three cups of coffee a day you won't know until you take it out and then maybe bring it back in how you feel. So again, very individual would recommend to you know, not take it out, especially if especially if you've got sleep issues. Don't have caffeine after two gives you like plays around with your ability to sleep. So yeah. Yeah, I think it comes down. Well, I think there's two things. One, I think the quality of coffee

that you're having matters, like beyond anything, right? If you are drinking shitty coffee that is full of moulds and toxins, because that is a very real thing amongst the coffee. And you can tell so if you were having dunkin donuts or McDonald's coffee,

I don't know, I'm maybe even going out on a limb and saying Starbucks, you know, you're probably having a really low grade coffee. So going organic, or, you know, I know bulletproof isn't necessarily organic, but he does, you know, great things. And, you know, is a huge thing about the moulds on his coffee. Try those out and see how different you feel, compared to you know, a regular

kind of normal cheapy coffee.

And then I would say is how you metabolise it. So there's fast and slow metabolising, right. So if you're a slow metabolizer, which we probably both are a cup of coffee. It takes us slower to metabolise it. So that's why like our hearts jumping out of our chest, we're like, ready to plan like the next eight years of our lives?

And what is that doing to your adrenals? You know, you are and we haven't really talked about that loads, and we will do an adrenal podcast. But

I would say for a lot of us going through infertility, especially because I feel like there's a lot of time, type a people in this community, you're whacking the shit out of your adrenals already. So doing more caffeine, especially, if you're doing more than just a cup of day, you're just walking your adrenals just like a hard exercise. They say, Don't do that. It's, it's really because you are fatiguing your adrenals and the exercise piece. How do you feel the next day? If you're dragging, then yeah, that's too You don't need to be pushing yourself. It's too much for you. And it's impacting your cortisol levels, your sex hormones, and yeah, it's like to dig deeper into that piece. And there's a whole again, there's a whole cultural and even even a habitual thing linked with with coffee. So yes, don't go cold turkey do the withdrawal method but

the Jonathan but you know

do the withdrawal protocol. And yeah, and see how see how it feels without it for a little bit. Yeah, yeah, definitely. And I know I never had a coffee issue during my infertility. It just wasn't my thing, because it never made me feel good.

And I started drinking coffee after my son was nine months because I was exhausted. And anyway, so coffee came into my life. And just recently, if you follow me on Instagram, I went decaf for a bit. And I was only having one cup of day in the morning.

And I just started feeling like shit on it. And coffee isn't recommended on the AIP it's not like a no go, but it's you know, they it's one of those that some people can deal with it, some people can't. And

I've cut it out, along with a few other things. And yeah, so it's it's one of those things is that you have to watch what your body's doing with it.

Yeah, I don't feel like I said I drink a cup of green tea.

Once I started getting into my diet and mindset lifestyle, because there are really good benefits is even in coffee, you know, the antibiotic oxidants the poly phenols you know, there are good things amongst coffee and green tea and your herbal teas.

And like you say you it's very individualised. I really feel that like, as long as you're not overdoing it, your body can handle it and your

it seems to be working for you, you know, having a small cup of coffee or a small green tea,

then I would say enjoy it.

But yeah, I think it's this

I think people just are drinking probably more shitty coffee than they realise that they're drinking and I personally feel that's the danger issue. And then the caffeine on the side of it. But, so, I don't know. There we go. We don't really have a good answer for you about coffee or green tea.

Once you individualise and go to your health food store, you can get a nice decaf. Yeah, Fairtrade organic wine just tastes great. Get a little French press. They're like 15 bucks and have that at home. We did that make a little iced coffee with coconut milk and

yeah, you know, that syrup and all that sweetness and stuff. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Your coffee, milk

then that's all.

It's once again, just going back to clean eating right. Like, I think we demonise a lot of healthy foods for us one because we've made them shit. And two, we're overusing them. You know, they're so rare. You know, you can go to a Starbucks. I mean, Jesus Christ, I have like three around me. And I live in a small town.

So yeah. So let's, let's tackle alcohol, and then we'll go on to the to like healthier versions of our liquids.

Once again, conflicting evidence, research opinions about whether or not and I guess really red wine is healthy or healthy alcohol for you.

Everything else I would say people would agree is unhealthy.

And I would say alcohol was my number one. Hardest thing still is especially red wine to give up.

Yeah, yeah, I think, you know, for me.

Yeah, like I didn't really well, I didn't know any of that stuff. So during infertility, I didn't give anything up.

Not that I was, I was never never like a hardcore drinker or anything. Oh, university was a hand but after that, I, I was fine. But

I just see people I think with the I think with the alcohol, if it is hard for you to give up, then maybe that's again to dig into why. Yeah, reading a book sober, curious and having someone on my podcast talk about this very issue. Because Why do we feel when we're going out that we need to drink? Like, what is this societal thing that we have that or to go out and have fun? Otherwise, if you're not drinking, then you're just like this real boring person. You know, why can we not go out and dance and not drink? Why do we have to? What's the societal thing going on? So if you're feeling all this pressure, and also you may be for infertility, you're you decided not to drink. And it's like, even that is like too restrictive. And if you go to a wedding, and maybe you decide to have a glass of white wine, like a glass of wine, or you want a spritzers and like that was made to me of like, if you're gonna have wine,

you can get organic wine. There's lots of organic wines now. Mm hmm. Which you're quite delicious. And yeah, aim, aim for an organic wine or organic cider, because we're looking at gluten free things. So I do like a gin or

a cider or wine. But if you have a yeast issue, you've got a fungal thing going on. And you're doing wine, like alcohol is like with yeast. So it's just feeding that and that that may not make you feel good. So again, very individual,

and digging in a little more, but the societal piece, and then also the health piece about what it's doing you Ronnie. Yep. Um, for me, I got a lot of stuff off of the Paleo mom. She's kind of known as the mother of autoimmune paleo protocol. She's a scientist, a doctor, you know, she's, she gets into the nitty gritty of things. So

for her, she has a blog post, and I'll link it in the show notes. And this was what finally made me be really rigid on even just having a glass because obviously, I cut down. You know, it wasn't the party girl that I was used to be before, but I would still have a glass every now and again, or once a week, or maybe you know, more during like the holidays. And so I'm going to read this clip. And she said, even a very small amount of alcohol can damage the lining of the gut.

Specifically, alcohol leads to milk Makossa damage in the upper small intestine.

So that to me, because I knew I had an underlining gut health issue was finally my wake up call that even just a small amount was doing damage. So as much as I was eating healthy drinking bone broth, you know, sleeping all the mindfulness, because I still wasn't getting pregnant. I felt like you're still doing that damage. You're working so hard at healing. And yet, you're still sending like this little atom bomb into your stomach, which is the root cause of your infertility. Stop like fucking just stuck, right?

Thought Yeah, Dr. Sarah Valentine? Yeah, I had her on the podcast. She's like super smart. And it's like to really? Yeah, if you're hearing this and you're like, No way in hell am I going? Am I giving up your alcohol? It's just like when we say You know, you would with a diet piece. No way in hell can ever give up cheese. Whatever you're having the issue of giving up. That's probably the thing you should give up. Yeah. It can be like scary to hear that. You're like Oh, screw that. I don't

Want to, but if you know $60,000 In potential IVF, taking a functional approach, and you're really looking at gut health and looking at things differently,

that could be the difference, right? So it's a difference, but

it's, it does matter, I think it's to again, it's very individual.

And to

I would explore taking it out for a period of time, person Lilin, the elimination diet, that part period, there's no alcohol. So, yeah, um, and I had to, like, keep mentally telling myself that A, for me, a baby was more important than a night out. Or, for me, a baby was more important than that glass of wine. And it is literally still to this day, out of sight out of mind, I do not keep it in the house unless I'm wanting to drink. Because I know I just have this tendency is how I grew up. It's how I saw my parents grew up, it is just, I'm sure I'm on my Porter line, you know, there's that, you know, they say,

Yeah, addictive behaviour, my husband loves a drink, and we were responsible with it, don't get us wrong. But that is just my my advice. And I would say,

especially anyone with having an autoimmune issue, you just have to go hardcore for that time, if you want to bring it back in after you, like have accomplished your goal. And then do I did, that's fine. But if you want to reach your goal quicker, you just have to stop, you know, throwing those bombs down in where the root cause of your fertility is. Yeah, and and suck it up. And it'll, it'll probably be hard. And you can go gradually, if you are drinking, you know,

more. Exactly. Um, so let's go on to two things that I both feel that we

are passionate about to improve health, overall health. I have heard some people be really blase about our first apple cider vinegar of you know, there's some myths out there that it's this like, it will fix your hormones and it's the cure to infertility. But we both know that that's not true. That's not what Apple Cider Vinegar is used for. What do you when you recommend it? What do you tell your clients about it? Yeah, it's just it's more for like, I guess if you have low stomach acid, it helps to with digestion. So I've been taking it for like in the morning I take like a teaspoon with a little bit of water before I should before each meal, along with digestive bitters to help with with gut health and so

and it's been been helping then helps with the stool and, and all of that and being able to assimilate in digest. So just a little bit for you know, before each meal has been helpful for me, so and make sure it's I use brags, that's the you don't want to be doing. It's got to be organic, right? Yes, not just cloudy or the better. Yeah, with the mother in it. It's got to be you don't want the one off the shelf. That's just the vinegar thing. But um, yeah, that's how how, but there's like, I don't have it for me, but there's like list and list of things that it can be helpful for. But I think if you're just doing apple cider vinegar, again, like these, these things out there where you can do this and do that it's not. It's not about that one thing. No. And it's not a quick fix to fertility. And I think that's how it's getting. It's getting demonised because people think oh, just hey, apple cider vinegar, just like royal jelly or, you know it. That's not what it's there for it is.

It is and can be a great healing tool and help with digestion. And once again, we're going back to the gut. And that's where we're focusing on healing. But yeah, it really pisses me off when it gets presented that way because it can be super helpful in to your whole holistic thing. It's not like once again, you're not taking taking apple cider vinegar and rubbing it on your lady but it's you know.


Yeah, there's like, like, there's tonnes of tonnes of blogs about apple cider vinegar, and it's secure all but again, I go back to my analogy, if you're having apple cider vinegar every day, and you're still eating your McDonald's. What, you know, your cheeseburger. I don't know. But yeah, digestion and you I don't know what else is, what else is it to help with, you know, oh, there's like a whole list of like skincare thyroid. But I think once it just comes back to maintaining a healthy gut, right? Everything's lean. So anything that else that improves, it's for the fact that you're it's helping improve your gut, it's helping healing, it's helping your digestion, which we know is super important. And last but not

Bone Broth. And this is

this is like kind of liquid gold out there now right this is like drink bone broth and all your ailments will go away. But once again it's just like the apple cider vinegar it is a healing mechanism for your gut.

And when you use it alongside the right diet, the right sleep the right rest the right exercise is just an aid to help you

heal quicker. And some people can have adverse reactions from it. So if there's like I think it's like histamine or there's issues going on right? So if you don't want to do the fermented foods if you get flushed, especially Yeah, with wine and things like that, that we get histamine I used to get like with the red wine and maybe so find those are really bright, you know, really red.

And so yeah, like so with so with

the hell are we talking about?

Going on, right.

Make your own are bought or buy it I you know, I've made my you probably made your own because you're you're like thinking that, like I've made a few things of it, but I would buy it more. But I don't know, I just

I think it's nice to have. But if you're just doing the bone bone broth and not looking at all the other things I don't think you're getting to the cause. Yeah, exactly. I know for me, it was I had it loads. I was good on it. Like you say you have to be careful. There are some histamines that you can get and people not all people are great on it. And I think that's important to know. Because once again, I think people look out in the fertility world and go Oh, another quick fix, I'll just have bone broth where it doesn't work like that.

But yeah, for me, I took it loads all the time I drink it raw, I made my own because when I kind of got into it, people weren't making it, you couldn't buy it on the shelves. Now you can choose from like 10 different versions. And once again, make sure you're getting the good stuff. And unfortunately, the good stuff is very expensive.

But it will help just along apple cider vinegar to improve your gut health. And that's where we're, you know, trying to get people focus stop looking at your fucking ovaries, they're there they work.

It's your gut that's not working properly.

So anyways, I hope that today's q&a has given you a little insight about how what and why about some of the you know, more popular liquids in the infertility community and when and when not to use them.

Thank you again, Sarah, for joining us. And we will see you next week for I don't know I haven't planned next week yet. So figure it out.

Right, enjoy your day. And I hope everyone out there listening has a beautiful day as well. A few more things before you go. If you'd like what we're doing, please leave a review and or a rating we would greatly appreciate it and it would totally help us out. Also, if you'd like to connect with either of us, you can find me Monica over at mine mindful And you can connect with Sarah over on fab All the links you need to find us on our websites or social media, any products we talk about book special offers or any guests that we have on you're going to find all that information in the show notes. So that's it. Thank you once again for being with us here on the infertile diagnosis and have a beautiful day 

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