Is My PMS Affecting My Fertility?

podcast Apr 30, 2021

“If your cycle is irregular this is a big sign that your health is not where it should be.”


Topics Discussed:

🦩Are irregular menstrual cycles normal?

🦩What is normal when you have your period?

🦩How we should approach and respond to tests.

🦩What is the best type of food intolerance tests and are they all similar?

Growing up we are not often educated on what is normal and what is not when it comes to our menstrual cycles.  Our education or parental guidance can sometimes be next to none.  Even doctors can sometimes tell us that the severe symptoms we are experiencing are normal when in fact they are not. 

“It’s not normal to have severe menstrual symptoms.”

We have to be intentional with both learnings about our bodies and listening to our bodies. There is no one size fits and no cycle that will look exactly the same, but we have to learn what is regular for us.  We shouldn’t be experiencing severe mood swings or severe symptoms when we PMS, but take that as a sign that something is off with our overall health and learn how to correct that. 

“Normal is having a healthy flow that is regular for you every month.”

Like other symptoms that can flare up in our bodies, our cycle can be a tell-tale sign of how we are doing and we need to be aware of it and not necessarily take things at face value just because that’s what we were taught or we’ve been told “that’s just how it is.”

“Your gut is like a different gut every 7-8 days.”

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