Pregnant Naturally After Years of Failed Fertility Treatments with Erin McDaniel

podcast Jul 31, 2020

Topics Discussed:

  • Dealing with shame associated with infertility.
  • The fear that comes with getting pregnant.
  • Finding balance with your healthy lifestyle changes.
  • All the things we are not taught.

Pregnant Naturally After Years of Failed Fertility Treatments with Erin McDaniel

In today’s episode, I have a very special guest Erin McDaniel. 

Erin is a fertility coach who has experienced the hardships of infertility, failed IVF’s, but ultimately conceived and carried several healthy babies. 

“Find a doctor who believes in your ability to get pregnant.”

We talk about all the things that we learned along the way and all the things we were never taught as young women about our bodies.

While everyone’s journey looks different, hearing the hardships and triumphs of others lets us know we are not alone. 

“Even when you are in the dark and the depths, it’s going to be okay.”

We dive into the shame, the fear, and the heartbreak that often comes as we walk the path to fertility, and we find hope and happiness in our choices, even when they don’t always lead to the outcome we are so desperately wanting. 

I am honored to have Erin McDaniel on today to share her story.

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