Q&A: How to Improve Egg Quality Before IVF Q&A PART 2

podcast Apr 09, 2021

“The issue with fertility is that we need our whole body and it’s all connected.”


Topics Discussed:

🦩Warning signs that we often think are normal.

🦩The cause of cysts and how to deal with them.

🦩How to lower your inflammation.

🦩Dealing with stress.


In this episode, I dive into what I thought was normal when it came to inflammatory issues.  I had so many warning signs in my teens and twenties.  I thought it was normal for me to look bloated after having certain meals, or I thought it was normal to naturally be smelly. I also always had throat issues and thought it was just “normal” things different people went through. But these are all early warning signs that we need to look at more closely. 

“More women are having cysts because their bodies are so inflamed.”


Sometimes when we have issues such as these we tend to look at the medical issues, and we go to the infertility doctors all while ignoring the whole-body perspective.  Eating right, and getting our health in order is not an easy thing, but in order to get to the root of the problem, we have to take a closer look at the whole body.  


“After 8 years of infertility, I got pregnant naturally.”


We also think that age plays such a role, and while it does, I am an example that age is not the end-all.  I could not get pregnant in my mid-twenties but did get pregnant at 37.  Health plays more of a role than age.

“Infertility sucks.”

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