Reversing Unexplained Infertility by Improving Your Mindset with Cara from Infertility Life Coach

podcast Jan 22, 2021

“The real test is what you are going to do with that negative emotion when you have it.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩Why you have to begin to make changes on your own.

🦩How having a child is not the end-all.

🦩Being proactive about our mental health.

🦩The importance of focusing on yourself.

Reversing Unexplained Infertility by Improving Your Mindset with Cara from Infertility Life Coach

In this episode, I sit down with Cara from Infertility Life Coach as she shares with us her own personal journey of infertility.  We talk about how there were no reasons that the doctors were giving her for why she couldn’t get pregnant. 

Cara shares how she began to take her fertility into her own hands and began to examine things going on in her own life both mentally and physically.

“This journey is way more than just having kids.”

After she and her husband both began to make drastic changes over months of hard work, they were able to successfully conceive. That doesn’t mean it was easy, but it wasn’t until she decided to make her own decisions rather than relying on what the doctors were telling her.

"When we exist in emotional childhood we think other people are responsible for how we feel.” 

She talks about how our thoughts drive our actions and how it’s so important we get in touch with what is going on in our thought life and taking control over it.

 "Who is the person you are becoming?” 

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