Secondary Infertility & Recurring Miscarriages || Q&A

podcast Jun 04, 2021

“Stress can lead to pregnancy issues.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩Recurring miscarriages

🦩Determining how stressed out you are.

🦩Finding out your egg quality.

🦩Getting pregnant and the covid vaccine. 


“Pregnancy is not a sign of health.”

When we are on the infertility journey stress can be overwhelming.  Oftentimes what we don’t realize is that we are bringing a great deal of stress just from everyday life. 

Then when we add to that the stress of not being able to have a child it can be overwhelming.  In this episode, I take several questions in regards to stress and talk about the connection between stress and infertility.

“We are natural forgetters because it is a survival technique.”

In addition, we talk about supplements, egg quality, oils, and the vegan diet.  I love being able to answer these questions because they resonate with just about everyone who is on the fertility journey.  I cover several things the help take the pressure off yourself and walk into a healthier lifestyle.

“Keeping an eye on common issues can help pinpoint where pressure is coming from.”

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