Top 2 Things You Need to Maintain Your Fertility Diet || Q&A PART 1

podcast Apr 16, 2021

Functional medicine should not be a class or money thing.


Topics Discussed:

🦩The top two things you need to commit to finding your right diet.

🦩The importance of accountability.

🦩Why you need self-love.

🦩How willpower is not enough.

When it comes to following through with things we are much more likely to stick with something when someone else is counting on us.  This is why accountability is so important on our infertility journey.  Both accountability to ourselves and accountability to others is vital key to our success.

You need accountability.

One thing I have found working with women on this journey and from my own personal journey is that we are really bad with self negativity sometimes.  We tell ourselves we are to blame for this, or it is punishment for past mistakes, or we aren’t fit enough. Whatever it is, we tend to talk down to ourselves.  But we have to switch this self-sabotage to a dialogue of self-love with ourselves.  

I love to hold myself accountable for the things I believe are going to get me to my goal.

Another thing I address in this episode is willpower.  We are told that we just need more willpower to exercise, more willpower to eat healthily, etc.  But in truth willpower alone is not enough.  We have ingrained habits that we have developed over years and there is emotion tied to many of our eating decisions, and stress plays a role and we can’t just expect to “will” those things away all of a sudden.  Instead, we have to explore and understand our patterns and make slow adjustments.

We have ingrained patterns that we have to explore and understand.


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