Top 2 Things You Need to Maintain Your Fertility Diet || Q&A PART 2

podcast Apr 23, 2021

Infertility is all about finding that root cause.


Topics Discussed:

🦩Diets for PCOS

🦩The Importance of your thyroid health.

🦩Getting your spouse on board.


In today’s episode, I am answering questions I have received.  Everyone’s journey is unique and not the same exact thing will work for everyone, but there are many commonalities and we can learn from each other on this journey.  While diet is extremely important, there is no one size fits all to diets, and we have to be cautious of anyone who flat out tells us we need to be on a certain diet if we have had extensive food intolerance testing.

We don’t want just ‘fine.

I also dive into thyroid health and how big of a role your thyroid plays in your journey to getting pregnant.  I also tackle the tough topic of getting your spouse on board if they are unwilling. I share my own story of dealing with my spouse in the beginning and how I came to a breaking point and had to have a conversation with him about supporting me and the importance of doing this together.

You have to find your food intolerances.

Remember this is a journey and we can’t expect to have all the answers at once, but to slowly make steps and build upon them as we make strides to our ultimate goal of getting pregnant and carrying to birth.

You’ll need three months to improve both egg and sperm quality.

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Anything written or said about health and diet are my opinions, that I have formed over the years, through trial and error, study, reading, listening and observing. What worked for me may not work for you. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician and all medical advice should be gotten from a qualified professional. Product recommendations are based on what I used during my infertility journey or wish I had.


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