What I Wish I Knew About Unexplained Infertility & Autoimmune Issues

podcast Nov 22, 2019

Explaining unexplained infertility.

This was my mission for almost six years.
During this time I didn’t see one BFP & I had two failed IVF's.
But I was fine! I had no big issues- not even thyroid issues! So WTF.
There are so many things I wish I knew about during my journey, but I mainly wished I knew that when it comes down to unexplained infertility, there are many places through the whole body I should have been looking at to solve the unexplained.
The doctors and I were hyper-focused on my lady bits.
We should have moved on when the 4th invasive procedure yet again showed all was fine & the second IVF failed.
I feel extremely lucky that I stumbled open all the necessary links to figure out my unexplained infertility & I’m horned to be sharing them with you.
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