Using Yoga to Deal With the BS of Infertility with Erin McCullough from Fertility Hope Yoga

podcast Nov 27, 2020

Topics Discussed:

🦩How yoga is much more mental than physical.

🦩Yoga and its ability to open us up.

🦩How yoga can reshape our mind.

🦩Yoga has the ability to keep us mentally on track during our infertility journey.

Using Yoga to Deal With the BS of Infertility with Erin McCullough from Fertility Hope Yoga


“You don’t have to look like or be anything to access yoga.”

When I first started off with yoga I hated it, I struggled with sitting still, and my mind fought it. 

Along my journey as I continued practicing it, things finally hit for me and I saw yoga’s ability to transform my thinking, and how it allowed me to deal with difficult situations and difficult people in my life in a healthy way.

“The magic is it allows you to show up without judgement.”

In this episode, I sit down with Erin, founder of Fertile Hope Yoga. 

She explains how yoga allows us to open up emotionally, and how it healed her after growing up being an unwanted child.  She talks about the flow our bodies are able to get into both the physical and mental working together to shower out love and peace around us.

Yoga’s ability to help our mindset cannot be expressed enough.  I also share my own hesitations and what happened when I finally “gave in” to yoga and embraced it.

“You have to get really vulnerable to leave the unsafe places.”


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