Using Functional Medicine to Improve Fertility with Jaclyn Downs

podcast Nov 26, 2021

“Giving somebody more iron to raise their iron levels can be really problematic and cause a lot of inflammation.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩Iron utilization vs. acquisition for inflammation reduction.

🦩Impacts of oxidative stress on fertility.

How well are you taking care of your overall health in preparation for getting pregnant?

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, we speak with Jaclyn Downs, functional fertility and nutrigenomic consultant. She helps people identify and address the root causes of impaired fertility and period problems. She explains some root causes of infertility, which include inflammation and oxidative stress, and how to reverse those issues.

  • “When you’re inflamed you get oxidated stress; when you have oxidated stress, you have inflammation.”

Listen in to learn how inflammation and oxidative stress work together in a vicious cycle and how to improve both by improving your detoxification ability.

Episode Highlights:

  • [1:41] Jaclyn explains her journey from birth work to becoming a functional fertility specialist.
  • [5:42] Why she prefers starting people with folinic acid instead of folic acid and methylfolate.
  • [11:24] Why your iron issues shouldn’t be about sufficiency but rather iron utilization in your body.
  • [14:43] Understanding the right ferritin levels for your body plus the importance of collectively comparing your genes.
  • [19:36] How inflammation and oxidative stress work together in a vicious cycle.
  • [24:09] Jaclyn explains how oxidative damages fertility cells because your body doesn’t need fertility to survive.
  • [27:50] How to get to the root cause of your fertility issues and understand that fertility isn’t a sign of good health.

Using Functional Medicine to Improve Fertility with Jaclyn Downs

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