Can digestive issues cause infertility? How to support your gut health 101: Prebiotic

gut health May 12, 2021

If you've been in the Finding Fertility Family long enough you KNOW that I believe that gut health is so important to improving your fertility!

If you've just stumbled on this page check out: Can Your Gut Health Have an Effect on Your Fertility?


The gut microbiome is an essential contributor to both gastrointestinal and general health. The best way to improve your gut microbiome is by eliminating as many stressors as possible. This including food intolerances, environmental toxins & dealing with the mental & emotional stressors life and infertility can bring.


But this is all easier said than done 😩 So during this time of adjustments, you might need to support your gut microbiome with supplements. One of the top supplements to start off with is Prebiotics [not to be confused with probiotics].


Prebiotics are special plant fibres that help healthy bacteria grow in your gut, which can help your digestive system work better.


A good prebiotic can help keep your microbiome happy by promoting beneficial forms of bacteria.

A greater sense of satiety and positive effects on glycemic response can support weight management.


Gastrointestinal effects may include increased regularity‚ improved nutrient absorption and gut cellular health support. A healthful microbiome also assists in balancing immune function and inflammation status.


🦩Promotes beneficial bacteria

🦩Supports healthy weight management

🦩Nourishes gut cellular health

🦩Modulates immune function



🌺Who should take it: If you're wanting to support gut function & your immune system.

🌺When you shouldn't take it:  Space your prebiotics out from your probiotic, around 10 to 15 minutes. Otherwise, the two could interact too early, before they reach the large intestine which may lead to bloating. Follow instructions on the label for dosage. Use for 3 months & then re-evaluate.

🌺Top Tips: Prebiotics work best when they’re taken consistently. Don’t expect a quick fix when you incorporate prebiotic and probiotic supplements. It takes time for the conditions in the gut microbiome to change and for bacteria to grow. The longer you take these supplements, the better.

🌺Who shouldn't take it: You shouldn't take prebiotics if you have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or FODMAPs intolerance.

🌺Recommended Probiotic: Metabolic Maintenance, BioMaintenance, Prebiotic + Fiber [affiliate link]


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