Can I Get Pregnant with Endometriosis? Interview with Melissa from Endo Empowered

podcast Jul 20, 2021

On today’s episode, we have Melissa, who shares her story of empowerment of living with Endometriosis. Melissa lived as an “endo suffer” for years. She's now on a mission where are that you can control your in those symptoms and get pregnant!

Topics Discussed: 

🦩How pain medication can mess with your health

🦩Disconnecting with your body

🦩What was the struggle like when you started to make diet changes

🦩Living Pain-free

Listen to this Finding Fertility Podcast here: Can I Get Pregnant with Endometriosis? Interview with Melissa from Endo Empowered

Melissa listened to the doctors, took the various medications and did the surgeries every 18 months - She accepted that this was her fate. Until she didn’t. Melissa slowly started to learn about a functional approach & began to take control of her endometriosis symptoms naturally.

She now thrives in life, despite her endometriosis and is on a mission to help other “endo suffers” to take control of their lives. She's here to help you get pregnant when you're dealing with Endometriosis.

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1:10 Melissa’s story with Endo

9:25 How pain medication can mess with your health

11:10 Disconnecting with your body to deal with everything ends throughs at you

14:00 When Mellisa decided to take control over her endo

16:00 Connecting childhood trauma to mental & emotional wellbeing & how that was impacting Melissa’s Endo

21:00 Dealing with the deep-rooted guilt, blame & insecurities

26:06 EFT

29:56 “Just Relax”

32:15 When you’re told: “Hurry up and have kids because your chances are decreasing.”

35:02 What was the struggle like when you started to make diet changes

39:00 living pain-free

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