Can IVF increase my chances of success?

podcast Jun 11, 2021

“The stress of waiting to get to week twelve is insane.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩Deciding on IVF

🦩The difficulties of IVF

🦩Why changing your lifestyle has more benefits than getting pregnant.

🦩Common Misconceptions with IVF

We sometimes think that IVF can be a quick fix to getting pregnant, and while there are circumstances where IVF can be beneficial and can be a route for someone, often it is not an easier path, because it has its own obstacles and difficult things to get through.  It can seem easier because initially, we think that we don’t have to change the way we eat and work on our mindset, but often IVF is still unsuccessful. 

Listen to this episode of the Finding Fertility Podcast here: Can IVF increase my chances of success?

“IVF is not a quick fix.”

On top of that, it’s important to realize that eating better, working on our mental health, and becoming a healthier version of ourselves is very important in order for us to deal with the stress of our fertility journey and can increase our chances of IVF being successful if that is the route that needs to be taken.

“Infertility is super fickle."

Remember there are no quick fixes and we have to put in the work to better ourselves so that we give ourselves the best chance to create the family of our dreams.


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