Discovering the RIGHT 6 Steps for You to Boost Fertility & Increase Your Egg Quality

podcast May 05, 2023

“Whatever it is you think is going to make you happy, for most of us, that isn’t what is going to bring you the happiness you’re truly seeking.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 How motherhood relaxes the mind and body.

🦩 How to follow your intuition and be present.

🦩 Practices to help bring joy and happiness back into your life.

🦩 Work on your mindset consistently to have success.

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How do you heal your body and mind and reconnect with your fertility? Sometimes, it’s so easy to get stuck in the trap of doing and doing when you should just be in the state of being by following your intuition and staying present.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I explain how to boost your fertility by consistently working on tangible things to improve your fertility. I also explain why you should relax your mind and work on your subconscious beliefs.  

Listen in to learn how to bring yourself back to the place of joy and gratitude now and not when your ultimate goal is met.

“No one’s truly infertile; the only people who truly claim that are people with structural issues, and the only things we cannot change with functional medicine at this point are structural and genetic issues.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [04:11] How getting off all intolerant things healed my gut and reconnected my fertility.
  • [06:46] Understanding how stress shifts from infertility to motherhood when you become a mother.
  • [09:39] The things to do to avoid getting stuck in the trap of doing instead of being during your fertility journey.
  • [12:01] The importance of bringing joy, gratitude, and happiness now rather than when your ultimate goal is reached.   
  • [15:23] the importance of believing that changing your subconscious can be that easy.  
  • [20:23] Why you have to be super delusional when walking your journey to believe that even the craziest things will work.

 Listen here: Discovering the RIGHT 6 Steps for You to Boost Fertility & Increase Your Egg Quality

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