Discovering Your Power to Improve Your Chances of Getting and Staying Pregnant with Michelle Oravitz

podcast Feb 11, 2022

“People don’t take their power until they realize they actually have power.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How to listen to your intuition and follow the natural path of getting pregnant.
  • Take back your power and pay attention to your body responses.

Are you empowered to listen to your body’s responses? Being aware of what your body is telling you is a great way to become empowered to make the needed changes towards your fertility health.

“Awareness is what’s going to make you want to make a change.”

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, we speak with Michelle Oravitz, a fertility acupuncturist, founder of Wholesome Lotus, and the host of The Wholesome Fertility Podcast. Michelle is committed to empowering women through their fertility journeys.

Listen in to learn the importance of becoming aware of your body's responses to make changes and take back your power.

Episode Highlights:

  • [2:45] Get to know Michelle and what she does as a fertility acupuncturist.
  • [4:41] How women struggling with fertility are driven by intuition to still follow the natural path.  
  • [10:37] Become aware of what your body is telling you so you can make a change.
  • [16:16] Michelle’s Empower Your Fertility Summit – a summit to empower women through their fertility journey.

Connect with Michelle:

Discovering Your Power to Improve Your Chances of Getting and Staying Pregnant Transcript:

Monica  0:02  
Hello beautiful and welcome to finding fertility. I'm your host Monica Cox from finding And I created this podcast to help get you to start thinking outside of the box and realise that your infertility might have nothing to do with your lady bits rooted in functional medicine and personal experience. Finding fertility is all about looking at the whole body and finding the root cause of your infertility. Finding fertility does not diagnose, prescribe or treat any issues of infertility. But what we do is take a holistic approach and improve your diet and your lifestyle to get you steps closer to creating your dream family. Just by being here with me listening to this podcast, you're already going down the right path to making your dreams come true. Let's do this together. Happy Friday. Oh, welcome back to another episode of finding fertility. I am here with Michelle or have it and I'm super excited to have her back on. And we're going to talk a little bit today about owning your power. So welcome.

Michelle  1:17  
Thank you so much. Thank you, Monica for having me.

Monica  1:20  
So just give us a little cliff notes of who you are. And yeah, your amazingness

Michelle 1:29  
You're too kind. Okay, so I'm so I'm a fertility acupuncturist. I'm an acupuncturist who specialises in fertility. I also host the wholesome fertility podcast, you and I met through podcasting. And I love anything fertility, I do fertility coaching as well online and anything to do with fertility, I just have a natural obsession over. And I do a lot of free content to empower people really a lot of information. And also some of the people that I've spoken to on the podcast to really empower people going through the fertility journey, knowing that there are so many different ways, I guess, to skin, a cat sort of speak. And there are so many different paths for so many people going through the journey. So yeah, so that's pretty much my background. Yeah,

Monica 2:25  
it's, you have an amazing story. I know you've been on the podcast before. So if you want to check out your whole story, we can link that episode down in the show notes. But today, we're really talking about something we're both pretty passionate about. And that is taking control in really like regaining your power back over your body, your mindset, and how you can seek out the support. Like obviously, we need support from people who, you know, know a little bit more than us or have the right tools to help us. But it really comes down to us and taking our power and making those decisions day by day to really get to our

Michelle 3:11  
ultimate goal. Absolutely.

Monica 3:14  
Yeah. So tell us what would be like the first thing that you would suggest someone do to kind of even just start exploring to take their power back. So

Michelle 3:27  
So something that I want to just mention that I'm so passionate about, and I think it's from working with a lot of women, or women coming to me is sort of like they're a last resort, after going through the fertility journey. And I've seen this time and time again, where and I want to say well meaning doctors because there's everybody really does do what they think is best have told them or they've been diagnosed or told that they can't, or they can't, they can't do something, they can't get pregnant on their own. They can't use their own eggs. They can't, they're too old, or their eggs are too old. And I've heard the story, time and time again. It's almost like this, this dead end. And then they get end up getting pregnant naturally. They just tweak a couple of things. And it's not always so simple. Sometimes it takes a year. You know, sometimes it takes a while. But I've seen this you can't or this is what your road is going to look like. And then I've seen them flip that on its head and completely bypass and one of the things that I noticed too, is that when they're telling me the story, something inside of them says you know what, I just don't feel like that's my path. Whatever the doctor told me, I just don't feel like that's what it's gonna be for me. And, and so and they kind of have this gut knowing. And yet they're scared at the same time because like even though they have this gut knowing it's still not this 100% certainty because They just don't know it's an unknown path, you just don't know how things are going to turn out. And so when I see that, first of all, I think it's incredibly admirable for anybody to face something and be scared, and then still kind of say, You know what, I'm just not gonna, I'm not quite there yet to give up. And I'm going to keep going. And so that curiosity and that drive or that, like, intuition, which I really believe in, is, is what drives them to keep looking and keep searching. And knowing that like something else could be on the horizon, or that or maybe they haven't looked at something that might be of help. And that's ultimately I think, my biggest passion is just talking to people as also suggesting to talk to other doctors having different consultations, different perspective, finding a team to really help you and also listening to your intuition, listening to that voice inside, that is like, No, I'm not going to take that that's not going to be my fate. Even though you're respectable, you know, you're doing you have a lot of experience, but to still kind of listen to that intuition, even though it's in the face of a professional in front of you, that has tonnes of experience, and still kind of take the bet on yourself, you know,

Monica 6:21  
100%, I think, for a lot of us, we've just moved through this society where, you know, doctors and lawyers and teachers and judges in all these kinds of high profile positions could do no, wrong. Right. And they were, they were the word, you know, like, don't don't challenge them, because they know they've spent years in medical school. And what we're kind of realising is that, for a lot of them, they are trained in a very specific way, and are now modern day Western society issues, probably aren't taught in medical school, because they follow a very old curriculum. And we're, they just haven't caught up yet. And so that's where like functional medicine comes in. You've had this group of doctors and scientists come from a different perspective, because they either follow their gut and was like, whoa, this doesn't work for me anymore, or this isn't working for my clients or my patients. I've been working with people, hundreds of people, and they're all still coming back to me sick or sicker after I do the normal things. And it's really hard as let's say, a layman person. And I can use that term for myself, because I had literally no medical background, like not even science, like I wasn't even into science, like I wasn't into the body. I wasn't into any of that, right? Like I'm a creative give me some like music and some paints. And I don't know what was in me to keep ignoring what the doctors were saying. And even like, standing up to doctors, when they laughed at me that like, immune issues weren't connected to fertility. It was made up science. I don't know if it's that like Scorpio, like, kind of fuck you vibe. But

Michelle 8:26  
yeah, no, I get that.

Monica 8:27  
I just was like, Okay, I know, I don't know as much as you. And I know, I don't know what you know, but I know in my heart, and then my gut that what you're saying just doesn't add up. It just doesn't resonate with me. And therefore, I'll have to go and look for alternative methods. And like getting you back to the point of like, you only like empowering yourself. And we were talking about like, you can seek out, let's say like the most knowledgeable function fertility coach out there. But it's very much a situation of you can lead the horse to water, but you can't make them drink. So talk a little bit about like how it still comes down to your power to put into play all the action steps that your coach would suggest for you?

Michelle 9:22  
Well, I'll tell you, first thing, people don't take their power until they realise they actually have power. And that's, I think, that's the biggest thing is believing that what you're going to do will make a difference in your life. And I think that once you really believe in that, and also believe in your body and know that your body can actually thrive. I think that that's like the core of that motivation or that beginning step of taking charge and really taking power over your own life. And it always, always, always starts with awareness. And that is because awareness redness is really ultimately what's gonna make you want to make a change. And then we can apply that. Really everything food, for example. It's interesting because you were talking about like Western medicine doctors, a lot of really know much about diet, which is so Elementary, you know, it really comes down to like, it's the most simplistic thing that you can change, just diet makes such a difference in your life. Yeah. And so when you apply awareness in your diet, or what you're eating, you could start to become aware of how you feel when you eat certain foods, what your body is telling you, your body will tell you, you'll notice that you don't agree with certain types of foods or you feel more tired after eating bread. That's how I felt at least that was like my example. And then you know, that awareness, I think we've we forget, because I know, we're so used to using, like food sensitivity tests and labs to let us know what's going on in our bodies. But our bodies have always been so intelligent that they'll tell you if something's not agreeing with you. And so paying attention to that, that's number one, like how do I feel? Why do I eat this food? Do I eat past the time that I'm full? Or do I not eat when I'm hungry? Do I listen to my body, you know, just becoming aware, just even in the first week, not changing will tell you so much already. And then at that point, you become that much more empowered. Because what your body is how your body is responding to foods. And so you know, starting with awareness, you could do the same thing with your your lifestyle, how much pressure Am I putting myself? Do I rest when I'm tired? just becoming aware, you know, and ultimately, just an awareness by itself. So much happens, you become a lot more empowered. The same thing with meditation. The reason why meditation works so well is it's ultimately about awareness. It's sitting really, and becoming aware and mindful. And just by doing that, the science has shown that you're changing yourself physically, you're changing your cells, you're changing your physiology, you're changing your psychology, you're changing your sleep, you're changing your life. It's incredible. Just awareness by itself is so empowering.

Monica 12:30  
Yeah, I totally agree. I think it's like a rabbit hole. Like, once you know, that hole is there, you're like, what's inside that and then you fall and then you just go in and going and going. But it's because you're aware, you know, like, my, like the first I would say three years of my journey. Maybe other people saw it, but I definitely didn't see it. It was just like, I look back now and go, Oh my God, no wonder you were suffering and dealing with so much. issues. I mean, you had normal health issues that you were going to the doctor with on a monthly basis. But this was just normal, right? And like growing up in the society, you're just like, Well, I still couldn't go to work. I was still going snowboarding, I was still partying with my friends. Like I was functioning. I wasn't sick in bed. But the reality is, is like okay, you are constipated, you're have bloating, you know, like, you know, all the kind of normal health issues. And then once you finally realise and become aware of it, and it's like a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Because sometimes you're like, oh, yeah, yeah, totally. Um, but it is super, super important to be aware of that. And then just start slowly taking those baby steps into how you can take that awareness and put it into action.

Michelle 14:00  
Totally. And the big key really, and I'm sure you know, this, because you've gone through it, and also as a coach is, is not to overload. Like, I'm not overloading my patients and my clients like I, because that is exactly what they're facing. They're dealing with total overload and total total overwhelm. And so it can be something that you can take with ease just like you said, baby steps. It can be something that and baby steps are really powerful.

Monica 14:34  
Yeah, exactly. I mean, if you take on too much, you just you've set yourself up for failure, because you don't stick to you know, the 10 Things You Should you think you should be doing instead of going like alright, I'm going to tackle these two and then I'm going to build from there. 100% You have an amazing fertility Summit coming up. You ran it last year. Can you tell us a little bit bit about it.

Michelle 15:01  
Yes, it was so much fun to do. And I loved it. And not only did I love it, but I also have an in person practice. So a lot of my patients who enrolled, loved it, and I got a lot of feedback from them and what they got from every single guest that I had on. So it inspired me, I was like, I'm gonna keep doing this, because it's just it's so much fun. And it's basically called empower your fertility Summit. And it's all about empowerment, because I really feel very passionate about women going through the fertility journey, knowing that they can empower themselves, and how can we empower ourselves more than knowledge. And so I have a bunch of different guests, it's 18 guests total. And each one has their own expertise, you included, Monica is in there. And everybody has their own expertise. And some of them are the same as last year's. And some and most of them are not, because I did want to change it up. And basically the speak about different whatever it is that they're really passionate about with fertility, and giving tips. And each guest gives a freebie. So whoever gets to watch it, it's available for 48 hours for each guest. So it's going to it's going to be longer than 48 hours, but each guests episode is going to be 48 hours. And they're going to have a freebie and information and tips on fertility.

Monica 16:30  
Sounds amazing. And a really good useful tool to tap into some of the things that maybe you're not aware of yet. So yeah, I'm super excited to be a part of it. All the links are down in the show notes for anyone interested in if you've picked up this episode a little bit later, there is a link to because it is going to be you can buy into it right eventually. Yes, yeah, exactly. Perfect. Well, for now, let our listeners know where they can come and follow you and get more of your wisdom.

Michelle 17:05  
Sure. So my podcast is the wholesome fertility podcast and I also just though or on Instagram, the wholesome is my handle. And you can find pretty much all of the different social media anyway. Rich, calm. And thank you so much, Monica, for having me on today.

Monica 17:32  
Yeah, it was my pleasure. I'm super excited to reconnect with you because I think it has been like two years. So it's nice to have you on. Great and all your links are down in the show notes for anyone who wants to connect and I'm looking forward to connecting with you in the summon. Thank you once again for tuning in to the finding fertility podcast. If you're loving this podcast please leave us a rating in review and let us know how this podcast is supporting you to get steps closer to creating your dream family. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and we will see you next Friday for another episode of the finding fertility podcast.

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