Discovering Your Type of PCOS and How to Improve Your Egg Quality 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]

discovery calls Jan 23, 2023

“If you subconsciously believe you can’t get pregnant because that’s what your doctor told you, then it’s harder to make that happen in the physical realm.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 The impact of your subconscious beliefs on your fertility.

🦩 Benefits of lowering inflammation and oxidative stress.

🦩 Learning how to surrender and be in the present.

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Do you have any idea about the type of PCOS you suffer from? Discovering the type of your PCOS is essential and will help you learn how to manage your symptoms and improve your egg quality.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, we discuss the impact of PCOS on your fertility and the actions to take to start healing. We also discuss how limiting beliefs impact your fertility and how to shift your energy and trust your intuition.

Listen in to learn why it’s no longer about getting and staying pregnant but about becoming a conscious mom.

“It’s not just about ovulating or getting and staying pregnant; egg quality is essential for pregnancy to continue and good hormone balance.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [1:58] Our guest shares her journey with PCOS, fertility struggles, and her focus on healing.
  • [9:16] She shares her athletic history and life after grief caused by a miscarriage.
  • [15:20] The importance of knowing the type of your PCOS and learning how to manage the symptoms.
  • [18:37] Our guest’s diet journey and the importance of improving her gut health.
  • [25:24] The importance of being consistent with a healthy diet to allow your body to heal.
  • [34:02] How she has shifted her energy and learned to surrender and be in the present.
  • [39:36] The importance of listening to your intuition and staying grounded in your truth.

Listen here: Discovering Your Type of PCOS and How to Improve Your Egg Quality 🦩 [Podcast Discovery Call]


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