DUTCH Testing to Regulate Your Hormones and Boost Your Fertility

podcast Dec 29, 2022

“The slowing down, the reducing stress, the mental-emotional stuff is what is going to help resolve your hormone issues more than any tangible things.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 The importance of getting the DUTCH testing.

🦩 How to slow down and manage stress.

🦩 How to set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy and motherhood.

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How does testing help us understand your fertility health? The DUTCH test results allow us to know where you are and what’s going on with your mental-emotional health and diet.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, Monica talks about the functional testing you can get within the fertility food and formula course and its importance. She explains how it helps us piece things together and act as a pillar that backs us up to why we feel the way we are.

Listen in to learn the importance of slowing down mentally and emotionally to increase estrogen production. You will also learn the importance of focusing on your overall health to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and motherhood.

“The supplementation is there to give you the extra boost, especially when dealing with fertility issues.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [7:10] The tests you need to take within the formula plus how Monica approaches test result reviewing.
  • [13:07] Why you need to look at the whole system when looking at these test results.
  • [16:09] The importance of slowing down mentally and emotionally to increase estrogen production. 
  • [19:02] How to tap into your past traumas and emotions to help with the flow of the endocrine system.
  • [22:35] Some tangible things you can do to balance your hormones.
  • [24:33] How to reduce adrenal fatigue with supplements plus improve your overall health.

Listen here: DUTCH Testing to Regulate Your Hormones and Boost Your Fertility


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Full Transcript:  

Hello beautiful and welcome to finding fertility. I'm your host, Monica Cox from finding fertility.co And I created this podcast to help get you to start thinking outside of the box and realise that your infertility might have nothing to do with your lady bits rooted in functional medicine and personal experience. Finding fertility is all about looking at the whole body and finding the root cause of your infertility. Finding fertility does not diagnose, prescribe or treat any issues of infertility. But what we do is take a holistic approach and improve your diet and your lifestyle to get you steps closer to creating your dream family. Just by being here with me listening to this podcast, you're already going down the right path to making your dreams come true. Let's do this together. Happy Friday, y'all welcome back to another episode of finding fertility. I'm your host, Monica Cox. And I am so grateful that you are here becoming the conscious mama bear you were born to be on today's episode is a another question that I answered within the group coaching. And it is about the functional testing that is available in actually both fertility food and the formula, you have access to that testing meaning there are some tests that you just have kind of like my code to access the testing, and you pay you order and you pay the testing company directly. And I get the information and they send it to you. So you're just literally paying for the testing itself. And then it comes with guides and recommendations from the test company itself. But if you feel like okay, I need a little bit more help analysing this, then you can actually upgrade and get some one to one support from myself. With that, and then some of the testing I have to personally order for you. So there is a processing fee, but I've just tried to make it as accessible and as cheap as possible for everyone to access, because that's one of my big missions is to bring this knowledge and this information and this service to everyone, I don't think it should be just for people who, at the moment just have a lot of money. I know there's like a lot of money mindset and like a lot of talk and self worth that goes along with the money. But I feel really aligned with like how I've just made different tiers, because the fact of the matter is, some people literally just don't have the fucking money, like at the time. And so if they're willing to invest maybe in a smaller way, then they still have that access. And they can, you know, just come out it, where they are in their journey, and their bank account as well. So looping back to, if you order the testing, you know, there is an upgrade to get my personal, you know, review on specific testing, obviously, that takes up my one to one time. So it's just a little bit more expensive. But I did want to do this quick kind of review for this specific, beautiful soul that was in the community at the time. And just to kind of give you an oversight of why it's really hard when you get the testing that you can't just give general information because when you you like work on a functional holistic medicine side, we don't just look at test results and like give you like, Okay, here's the steps from your test results. It's more like okay, here's your test results. But what do you all your intake forms? And what are you saying and how can we marry those together to actually get you on the right step, get you on the right path, get you on the right supplementation, get you on the right day, get you kind of realising maybe, right, your stress is like crazy. And here's where those stress levels are coming from. That is like one of my big superpowers is to be able to recognise like the little holes or to call you out

on like, okay, you've just said something. This is really important and you've glossed over it like it doesn't matter. That's just where I'm able to like step in and help you realise like no, that's incorrect. credibly important. And that's an area that you need to investigate. And I know you think it has nothing to do with your fertility, but it probably has like, like 90% of the cause, and then the and the effect. So I hope you really enjoy this episode, and you get some insight into that. So without further ado, let's get to today's episode. So I had a question about reviewing the information with a Dutch hormone testing. And so we're gonna give you a little bit of background of why I offer these testing within the formula. So if you don't know, I literally had to pay for everything, every medical procedure that we went through, and obviously all the holistic support we went through as well. So I know how expensive this can be. And I am very aware that functional medicine in itself is very expensive and kind of being pushed as, like, I like to want to say it, but like a rich man's game, right? Like, if you have money, you have the access to it, because it's not covered by insurance. And it's not the norm within like NHS and the public health system in Canada. So I know things could really add up, especially if you're like me who went through medical treatment before, and then decided to use holistic stuff, which now I'm trying to really encourage people to do it the opposite way around, do all the holistic stuff before you move into medical treatment, if it's needed. So my really big goal, and I'm super passionate about making this information really accessible to as many people. So I started the group coaching programme and really played around with the price point and finding like a good balance of what serves me and what serves you and then equal trade of value. And I feel like I have really stumbled on like the perfect balance with the monthly membership. And the monthly membership just gives you access to the course. And as you guys know, in when you're done with the course you stop your membership, but that also means you lose access to the course and to the community. There is a buy in option to gain two years full access to the course and four months of the group coaching. And then if you want the group coaching, after the four months, I think it's like 47 bucks a month. But so yeah, within the formula, I wanted the functional testing the three main ones that I think are valuable to be accessible as well. So when you're in the formula, you can buy these testing. I don't up the price, I don't even like handle the money, you guys pay the testing companies directly I just kind of like the messenger. I like put in like addresses and all those things and get the test results and pass them on. So this testing can be expensive. And so I don't add a review price to them unless you want that those are add on. So if you get your test results, and you're like, oh my god, this is like hieroglyphics, I really can't read this and really interpret what I need to do. That is a service I offer, it's more of a one to one, you move kind of more into a one to one aspect work from the formula. And I don't necessarily or I don't read and review results within the group coaching. There are several reasons for this. The main reason is is the way that I was trained is that we don't take test results and just analyse the test results and review and give our recommendations on what those results say. So test results for us, help us just give us a different picture or a different piece of the puzzle into what's going on. And what we do is really get to know you and we want to hear about your symptoms. We want to hear about what's going on we want to hear about your mental and emotional health. We want to see what your diet actually is. We want to piece all these things together and put the test results in as like almost like a pillar, right? Like okay, we're gonna prop this up because

everything that we see all the tangible things that you can talk about and you can feel these test results are literally just backing us up like look, okay, your oestrogen is super high. If your cortisol is super low, this is why you're feeling this way. So that's like the real main reason I can't and I won't review test results just not knowing you within the community. And obviously group coaching, there's just too many people to get to know everyone in depth please. So it's got to be into like a one to one situation. I'm just trying to think of why the other reason, I think that's the main reason, other than there's just too many people to read test results, obviously, I have to take the time to really dive into the test results and see really what's going on. And so that's just another kind of like thing of my personal time. And then what you get when you move into that one to one aspect is a one to one review with me. And like a specific 30 day action plan for you. And I really take I take your form your all about me form that you fill in, and I use that, and me getting to know you on our one to one consultation, and really devise this like very specific action plan. But I don't know, I felt very called to review this one, and help and support. And so I did. That's just how I am. I just follow my intuition. And I think it will give everyone a really good sense of what that review kind of looks like if they have done the testing. So over this review that I did, there was some just questions about, okay, I can see that my cortisol is low, I can see my oestrogen is low, but there's a marker on there that it's like your overall quarter cortisol response is okay. So that marker actually is how much cortisol was made in the body and has been processed through the liver and the kidneys. So it's not like, Oh, you have enough cortisol, you're totally fine. Like, that's okay. It's, it's just a snapshot of everything that went through your body. So. So with the other markers, first, let's get into that. So like your DHEA, your dopamine, those are on the low side. And even they're like they're on the normal range, but they're low, and they're the precursors for everything else. So you've got to think of like your hormone system as like a waterfall, right? Like, if you have a slow drip at the top of this waterfall, it's gonna like it's going to be it's not going to create a lake, right? It's not gonna create this beautiful flowing atmosphere and everything that that waterfall needs to to work properly, it's just gonna get weaker and weaker as it goes down. So even though they're in the normal range, they're not for your age and for where you are, and especially for fertility. It's not, we want to see those a lot higher, so they can do the things they need to do. And especially with the D H, EA. They're a precursor for oestrogen and testosterone. So. So it's important when you're looking at these tests as well, that we are not just looking at the individual markers and going like okay, well, I'm fine in that area, so I don't have to worry about it. Remember, our we're one. And we're really going to be focusing on when it comes to the Dutch hormone test. The endocrine system, right? The pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, and the adrenals are, like vital for all these other things to work. And I think sometimes we just hyper focus on the ovaries, and they're not like producing what they need to do. So here's some hormones, and that will be fine. Where, like, we got to look out, well where in the system is it breaking down?

So with a low oestrogen, oestrogen and the cortisol so let's start with the oestrogen Okay, so the hypothalamus releases si r h, and that stimulates the pituitary gland to release a c t h, and then the adrenals release cortisol. So with your low cortisol, we're really looking at your endocrine system here. That is probably They just really sluggish. And so we really want to tap into kind of the more mental and emotional side of the course. And the stress levels part of the course, where we're really actively decreasing our stress, we're slowing down. And this is like kind of the hard part of like looking at these tests, and then not knowing you enough to say, like, Does this resonate with you? And maybe you, you know, most women that I work with, I would say, like 99.9%, including myself, are like super type A, always on the go high achieving, you might have, you know, a really stressful work environment, you might feel like you are the, you can't say no to people. So that aspect of the course is like probably the biggest thing to really dive into and focus on. And I know sometimes you can just like easily go through it and be like, okay, doo doo doo. But your test results like are a big shining light of like, No, this is serious. You need to really slow down because your endocrine system is really suffering. And this is producing low oestrogen, which is vital for the growth of Aigues. Right? So remember, estradiol is the hormone that is getting ready for ovulation. So it's prepping your age to pop out. And when you get the LH surge, that's when the egg is released. And the progesterone is needed to maintain the uterine lining. I mean, oestrogen is obviously helping with the uterine lining and stuff as well. But it's really important for that a quality. So oestrogen are made in the adrenals and the ovaries but remember, the pituitary gland makes F S H, which we all know here, among like other hormones, of course. But that stimulates the oestrogen from the ovaries. Right? So we're looking at the pituitary gland, what do we need to do to help support that gland to do what it needs to do to help produce that oestrogen as well? And then see, I've got that. So yeah, so with your test results, just looking at the results and not knowing who you personally are, it definitely seems that there is still some stress issues, and that your endocrine system is taking a big hit, you might be in a type of adrenal fatigue. So it's really important, I'm pretty sure you will be through the course where you have access to wheat, I think week nine or week 10. With the adrenals, the thyroid and the gut health, so that section can be really important to look into. So obviously, with some tips and stuff from your test results,

like I just said before, stress levels, you got to get really honest with yourself, and are you slowing down? Are you managing your stress? Have you been able to cut out the things you can possibly cut out? Are you saying no more often? Are you giving yourself time to rest and relax? I know this is like a really big thing. I mean, it's even hard for me sometimes just to be like it's okay to sit on the couch for an hour and literally do nothing, no watch TV, like do nothing, or like read a book or, you know, whatever it is that maybe you don't feel productive, but really tune into that. Also rest and relaxation and slowing down could be also being creative. So okay, maybe you're not sitting on the couch doing nothing, but maybe you allow yourself to have some creative time where maybe you don't think that's very productive. You know, it's just like, oh, well I'm not achieving I'm not doing work or working on my house or cleaning my house or whatever, you know, you're you're literally just doing something like flower arranging, right? Like, that leads to kind of nothing from like, a, you know, like a type A point of view. But from a joy point of view from living life point of view, that's a very productive and very meaningful. So are you bringing able to bring more of those things into your life? You know, your mental and emotional health will be very, very much tied to this as well. So There is a part in the course about tapping into old traumas. And I even gave you guys my, you know, life example, because I think I'm a really good example of like not having any big, major traumas in my life, but just little ones that really added up for me and really put, you know, subconscious beliefs into into myself about, you know, self love and self worthiness and all those things. So that would be really, really important for you to look into as well. There's also the part with the vagus nerve that it would be super, super vital for you to do as well to help with the flow of the endocrine system, and help release some of those old emotions or even the emotions that have been stored up just from infertility alone. really tap into that and get that moving, that would be really, really useful. Obviously, your gut health is super important. And I know you're working on that you've got the gut health test, which is really good. And I know that test comes with really good guidance on what to do in each marker. So it's really good, you can easily kind of, maybe you don't really fully understand it, but you there's very good action steps for every aspect of it. So I know you're working on that. So more tangible things to do. You could try seed cycling, it's not something that I've put into the course, but maybe I should. And it's not something that I use or talk a lot about, because I come from more of a autoimmune paleo background. And most people who come to me are like, want to try that out. So obviously, seed cycling wouldn't be something that I would highly recommend. And like, I think half the seeds like are off the table for me because of nightshade or whatever, not nightshades. But but that could be something that you can try to just help balance out the hormones something tangible, because I know most of the stuff that you need to do, doesn't feel like you're doing anything, right, it's really hard. But the slowing down the reducing the stress, the mental emotional stuff, that's what's going to help resolve your hormone issues, more than any kind of tangible things that I can give you. But you could do see cycling, definitely Epsom salt baths would be really beneficial. And then maca might be a very good supplement for you to try out and see how you go on that. And then there's obviously the links within the course, especially in the the adrenal section for adrenal support. So yeah, once again, without knowing a little bit more about you.

The you might be in some type of adrenal fatigue right now. So that might be just kind of something to give you a little bit of a boost. You know, we don't want to rely on just supplementation, you definitely want to be reducing as much stressors as you possibly can. But obviously, those supplementations are there to just really kind of give us that extra boost, especially when we're dealing with fertility issues. So I'm not sure it's another thing if you're dealing with any thyroid issues, if you had thyroid test done before, but if you aren't, are looking at thyroid issues right now, this is kind of like a really good like wake up sign, because obviously the thyroid is part of the endocrine system. And if you are already having pressure on your adrenals your pituitary and your hypothalamus and you don't try your best to resolve these issues. And this is where I think a lot of secondary infertility comes in our a lot of women dealing with thyroid issues after their first or their second pregnancy is because there may be in this state and they and because of their genetics, they're just not prone to fertility issues. Is that pregnancy? Well absolutely. Like say you don't really change anything and you get pregnant and you're still living this really stressful lifestyle and then you're trying to you're not trying you are growing a baby right your body literally will suck everything from you to give to that baby. It will just send you into the is more noticeable thyroid issues that are seen on labs by normal doctors, right? But this is kind of like, from a functional standpoint, we can kind of look at this and go, Okay, look, you know, if you're not already having symptoms of thyroid issues, you could be heading down that way, because you're putting a lot of pressure on these other aspects. So that is just something like really, I mean, this is, you know, the thing that drives me the most is epigenetics. And I've talked, I don't know if, you know, I don't know what like people hear and what they don't hear. But when I learned about epigenetics, even before getting pregnant with my first son, that was kind of the major light bulb that went off for me that really switched from, I just want to be pregnant to actually, this is like, I'm really playing Russian roulette with my children's lives, if I'm not trying to do as much as I possibly can do. I mean, obviously, Nothing's set in stone, you don't have to be perfect. Like, I don't want to, like freak anyone out. Like, you know, if you have gluten during your pregnancy, it's not the end of the world, all those things, right. But if we can improve our health as much as we possibly can, before getting pregnant, we are setting our our children up for a better future. And we're setting ourselves up because we are limiting the chances of all these issues that could possibly happen during pregnancy, which are so much like more common now, because people are getting pregnant, that are actually really unhealthy. And we're just deeming pregnancy as a sign of health, which, as we all know, is complete bullshit. But I hope this has helped. I hope I haven't confused you any more about your test results. But yeah, it's really down to those other glands in your body and really focusing on slowing down and going into recovering mode. And so even like checking into the exercise, part of the course and how I talk about slowing down with your exercise, so if you're really into big exercise right now, if you are having adrenal issues, you need to give your body more time to rest then being in recovery mode and exercise even though it has a lot of benefits for us over exercising is actually causing more damage to your adrenals because you have to recover from those big

things. I hope today's episode gave you some insight into the access to functional testing that you can get within fertility food and the formula. Obviously this testing is available one to one as well. But if you are looking for a more affordable option just to get some of these test results in to see you know if they can help I almost guarantee this is the probably the cheapest way to do it. If you find a different way in someone who is doing something very similar to me, please let me know because I want to go and give her or him a huge hug of doing the same thing to make this accessible to as many people as possible. So if you're feeling in alignment with this and this is something you want to explore head over to the website the information is all there on the fertility food and the fertility formula coaching pages, and reach out with any questions as always Monica at finding fertility.co Thank you once again for tuning in to the finding fertility podcast. If you're loving this podcast, please leave us a rating in review and let us know how this podcast is supporting you to get steps closer to creating your dream family. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and we will see you next Friday for another episode of the finding fertility podcast.


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