Exploring The Emotional and Energetic Factors Affecting Fertility 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Sep 08, 2023

“Whether your kid is adopted, an egg donor, or a biological one, your energy and what you’re doing will go on them because they trust you.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 Underlying health issues and personality traits affecting fertility.

🦩 The subconscious blocks and beliefs about fertility.

🦩 The importance of releasing mental blocks preventing fertility success.

🦩 The impact of chronic stress on fertility.

🦩 The role of mindset and belief systems in fertility issues.  

🦩 The importance of self-awareness to help release negative emotions.

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What emotional and energetic factors are still blocking your fertility success? t is important that even as you explore underlying physical health issues, you also explore subconscious blocks that might contribute to fertility issues.

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, we discuss the role of personality traits, past experiences, mindset, and physical and emotional well-being in fertility. Our guest shares her 8+ years-long journey of trying to conceive, her struggles with inconsistent tubal issues and subclinical hypothyroidism, and her journey with IVF.

Listen in to learn how potential subconscious blocks can affect your ability to conceive and how to release that negative energy. You will also learn how chronic stress can affect your fertility and the importance of slowing down and finding balance.

“If you can get centered into the unhealthy “why” then you can move into healthy practices.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:49] Our guest shares her experience of trying to conceive for over eight years and dealing with tubal and thyroid issues.
  • [06:47] Why she and her husband chose embryo adoption as a common ground between their differing views on IVF and their desire to have a baby.
  • [09:13] The challenges of having open tubes but unsuccessful IVF cycles, plus how the quality of embryos and eggs can only be determined through IVF.
  • [12:45] She describes her health issues exploration, and personality traits and how they might impact her fertility.
  • [14:23] The underlying health issues that prevent pregnancy even when you’re doing everything right and feeling healthy.
  • [18:55] Our guest describes how her upbringing and genetics might be blocking her from fertility success.
  • [25:54] How chronic stress can affect fertility and the importance of slowing down and finding balance.
  • [27:00] How to surrender to allow yourself to heal the core issues contributing to the fertility issues.
  • [30:21] The importance of addressing hidden belief systems and getting radically honest to reverse fertility issues.
  • [33:27] How to be self-aware to observe patterns of thoughts and emotions to bring about healing.
  • [37:13] The need to let go of old belief systems, become self-aware, and address stored emotions for personal transformation.
  • [45:25] The importance of following your intuition and listening to your body while making fertility decisions.

Listen here: Exploring The Emotional and Energetic Factors Affecting Fertility 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

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