fertility food Oct 16, 2020
I heard somewhere that breakfast was the most important meal not to f*ck up.
Is this true?
Well, let's look at it this way: A lot of “breakfast” foods can give you blood sugar spikes and if done frequently, this can wear out your insulin systems - causing you to gain weight, increasing your chances of insulin resistance & diabetes.
But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves here. Let’s go back to the blood sugar instability part - this can be one of the reasons why an empty carbohydrate breakfast can leave you even hungrier by mid-miring and you end up eating more! And we all know that's not good for your egg and sperm health!
One of the big things I did to improve my fertility health and get pregnant naturally was to start eating vegetables for breakfast, along with some protein, healthy fats & probiotics! After our first failed IVF that left us thinking we couldn't make healthy embryos, we decided that we needed to change up our diet to improve both egg and sperm quality.
We wanted to improve our chances of getting pregnant​ before we did another round of IVF and vegetables is one of the best ways to improve your fertility health and increase your chance of getting pregnant.
When it comes to breakfast, you don’t naturally think of vegetables. When I tell people that I eat vegetables for breakfast, they think I’m truly nutS! If you’re still reading this, you’re probably thinking the same thing or are now intrigued ;)
Either way, the past few years of eating vegetables for breakfast has lead me to the #gratedvegbrekkie revolution.

You can maximise your Embryo Quality & Hormonal Health with Boost Your Embryos - Paleo | Whole 30 & AIP Friendly 4-week meal plan with over 30+ easy fertility nourishing recipes - #gratedvegbrekkie is a small part of this meal plan!

That’s right graters aren’t just for cheese, in fact, my grater is the most used kitchen tool in my household. Grating your vegetables obviously reduces the size of the veg. So that means you don’t have to do all the hard work of chewing your food properly in the morning- WIN, because who has time for that? Also, grating your vegetables makes them taste different- seriously!
I don’t like cabbage in the morning, but if I grate it I love it - it’s weird, I know! 

So I bet you're wondering "Did it work?"

We set out to improve our egg and sperm quality through diet & we did just that. On our second IVF we had 5 beautiful-looking embryos & we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy from those. But the big result was a natural pregnancy after 8 years of never getting pregnant without medical support. So YES. Changing our diet worked. It wasn't a quick and easy fix, but it was totally worth it.
A few tips about incorporating vegetables into your breakfast:
1. You need to get over the mental block of what foods are "breakfast foods". The breakfast advertising people have done a damn good job of making you think that breakfast comes from a box. 
2. Start with the vegetables you can stomach in the morning. There's NO WAY I could have eaten 1/2 of the vegetables I eat now - I ate a lot of cooked spinach & broccoli in the beginning. 
3. Make a commitment to cook yourself a #gratedvegbrekkie 2 or 3 times a week - start on a day when you’re not in a rush & give yourself some extra time to begin with too, over time you’ll be able to cook a full grated vegetable brekkie in 15 mins flat every day!
What to cook with:
Coconut Oil
Vegetables You Can Grate:
Butternut Squash
Courgette (Zucchini)
Sweet Potato
Real Bacon or any “leftovers” grass-fed meat
Other Vegetables to Add:
Green Beans
Brussel Sprouts
Add Extra Flavour with:
What also goes nicely with your #gratedvegbrekkie:
Leftover Sweet Potato Mash
Poached Egg
Real Bacon or any “leftovers” grass-fed meat
Smoked Salmon

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