Helping You Explain Your Unexplained Infertility

podcast Nov 12, 2020
Welcome back to another Finding Fertility podcast episode. Today, we are talking about helping you explain your unexplained infertility.
Unexplained isn’t a diagnosis – conventional medicine may not give you answers.
But you shouldn’t stop there; you need to look deeper and find the problem. I know that unexplained infertility is unacceptable; doctors should know that too. I struggle with that “diagnosis.”
Conventional doctors don’t know because of their training; it’s not their fault. You need a team of people when you have unexplained infertility – you have health issues that are being missed, it’s essential to listen to your body.
“You have the power to explain your unexplained infertility.”
In This Episode:
[01:35] Is unexplained infertility still a big thing out there?
[07:30] Start controlling the little things first
[16:00] Infertility will impact the relationship
[21:00] We are twenty years from the functional approach becoming mainstream
[25:00] Meet the miracle part more than halfway
[27:30] Know your numbers
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