How I Manifested My Adopted Son Without Expectations with Brittney

podcast Sep 10, 2021

“You have to tell others where you want to be to be able to get there.”

Are you willing to do things your own easier way in your parenting journey rather than following society’s ways?

In this episode, we have Brittney talk about her unique journey to parenting after she gave up on IVF. She explains how she manifested her adopted son Knox into her life and shares the story of how he came into her life.

  • “It so important to live in the moment and try to not remember what your expectations are.”

Listen in to learn why you sometimes have to be open to using unconventional ways to get you to your goal of being a parent faster.

Topics Discussed:

  • The power of manifesting out loud.
  • An unconventional adoption process.
  • Managing expectations during your infertility journey.
  • The shady sales business that is the medical system.

Episode Highlights:

  • [1:58] The mixed doctors’ results on whether Brittney has PCOS or not.
  • [4:25] Brittney shares her adoption story plus how she unconsciously manifested it.
  • [27:55] She describes how the adoption process unfolded for her and her husband.
  • [45:17] Learning to let go of your expectations in your becoming a parent journey.
  • [47:39] Defying society’s way of doing things to do them easier and in your own way.

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