How infertility help me deal & heal from my childhood sexual abuse trauma with Emma Brodzinski

podcast Jul 13, 2021
Today we have on the beautiful Emma who bravely and unselfishly shares her past childhood traumas of sexual and mental abuse.
Emma shares with us how her infertility shined a big spotlight on the fact she hadn’t dealt with her past childhood traumas of sexual and mental abuse and why she felt those past experiences were contributing to her infertility.
Topics Dissuccesed:
🦩Dealing with the vulnerability
🦩Sexual Abuse
🦩Take control of your journey
Emma decided to take hold of her life, and during her fertility treatments, she taught herself how to survive and thrive during the invasive procedures.
5:12 Emma’s story
9:45 What Emma started to do to improve her chances
14:00 Emma’s understanding on how the sexual abuse she suffered during her teen years lead her to disconnect with her own body
20:00 Phantom pregnancy
22:00 Looking at every situation in a positive way - even the darkest of darks
26:00 Dealing with the vulnerability of being in an IVF clinic & how Emma took control of her space & treatment
32:00 Take control of your journey & your power back
40:15 Not caring what others think when you bring mindfulness, & meditation into you life.
46:46 Diet changes Emma introduced
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