How to Boost Your Sex Life During Infertility with Carla Wainwright

podcast Oct 13, 2023

“Women need time to get turned on; we need connection, communication, tenderness; we need to build intimacy, then sex is more likely to be pleasurable.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 The importance of prioritizing pleasure and intimacy in a relationship.

🦩 Overcoming societal shame and repression around sexuality.

🦩 The role of self-love and worthiness in expressing yourself sexually.

🦩 The role of communication and love languages in a relationship.

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How can prioritizing pleasure and intimacy improve your fertility journey? How do you release limiting beliefs and embrace your true self that can embrace and enjoy pleasure?

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I speak with Carla Wainwright, a sex, love, and relationship coach with a passionate about understanding the mind, body, and spirit from all perspectives. Carla is passionate about helping women and couples release their limiting beliefs about their sexuality, bodies, and relationships to choose love as the guiding force and have more connected relationships and better sex.

Listen in to learn how scheduling time for pleasure can be a game-changer in prioritizing intimacy and connection, a foundation for a fulfilling sex life. You will also learn how to work on self-love and worthiness as a woman to fully express yourself sexually and show up in your relationship.

“So many women have repressed sexuality because of all the bullshit that we’ve been taught as youngsters and that we’ve also learned in our families.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:50] How Carla helps women and couples release their limiting beliefs about sex and improve their love and sex lives.
  • [03:42] The challenges of maintaining a fulfilling love life, plus tips on scheduling and prioritizing pleasure and intimacy in relationships.
  • [06:14] The importance of consciously making time to build intimacy, connection, and ultimately pleasurable sex.  
  • [08:48] The societal programming and shame around sexuality, including the double standards and mixed messaging that women often face.
  • [11:52] The importance of self-love and worthiness in being able to fully express yourself sexually and have a more fulfilling relationship.
  • [13:48] How prioritizing pleasure and intimacy can contribute to a happier and healthier relationship even after having children.
  • [15:20] How to use communication and love languages to improve intimacy and connection in a relationship.
  • [19:10] Understanding that there’s no shame in asking for help to improve things in your relationship.

Connect with Carla:

Listen here: How to Boost Your Sex Life During Infertility with Carla Wainwright

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