How to Release Emotions That May Be Contributing to Your Infertility with Lucie Lynch

podcast May 12, 2023

“You can change the power and strength of your voice, but it’s much easier and less painful when we can first agree that the voice you’ve been given is perfect for now.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 How to release emotions using your voice.

🦩 How to explore your reproductive system through singing.

🦩 Accept the power and strength of your voice as it is now.

🦩 The power of humming to release your stored trauma.

How do you release emotions that are stuck inside your body and soul? Whether you use it to sing or scream, your voice is a great outlet to release your positive and negative emotions to make room for a healthy you.  

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, I speak with Lucie Lynch, a Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Artist, Sound Healer, and Playwright with an angelic voice and a wry sense of humor.  Her musical arts have all been described as "healing", "transformative" and "divine”.

Listen in to learn how to utilize the power of humming and singing to release your stored trauma and explore your reproductive system.

“There should be room for women in beautiful robes dancing and swooning in the moon sounding like sirens, but there should also be room for women screaming.”

Episode Highlights:

  • [01:55] Lucie on her singing background and how she utilized her singing gift to release emotions.
  • [05:30] How to use the connection between your voice, body, and reproductive system to release stuck emotions.
  • [09:42] How we learn the shame of not expressing ourselves and how to release that shame.
  • [13:20] How different vocal cords work and the importance of accepting and working with your voice the way it is now.
  • [16:33] The importance of utilizing your voice to release emotions and feel safe in that space.
  • [23:32] The importance of celebrating your womanhood and your positive and negative emotions.
  • [31:03] How to utilize the power of humming to release stored trauma and be in a soothing energy.

Connect with Lucie:

Listen here: How to Release Emotions That May Be Contributing to Your Infertility with Lucie Lynch

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